10 Signs of People Falling in Love

When your brain is tired of business matters and serious matters, then try to refresh it by talking about light and fun things, for example discussions about love. Meanwhile, when you are hurt by love, try to forget it by thinking about serious things, for example thinking about your business strategy or work plan.

Both of these things will be able to make your life more balanced. Well, reflecting on this, this blog will also try to describe love, as a material to refresh the minds of all readers. Come on, please listen to the following article.

What Are the Signs of a Person in Love?
Love does make a person different. Many have changed after getting to know love, because love does make a difference. People who are in love will see a little change, which we can see from their facial expressions and behavior.

This time, I will describe four signs for people who are in love that I summarize in the LOVE formula , namely:

Laugh (laughs)
People who are in love usually have a radiant face, full of joy, and are always decorated with smiles and laughter. Falling in love will make people laugh out loud, because love will be able to make the brain produce joy hormones, so that the body reacts to these conditions. Is a crazy person who likes laughing in love? Yes, falling in love with his new world, ha..ha …!

On Fire (excited)
Another sign that someone is in love is that they are always excited. He will work with a passionate passion, especially if he is asked to do something by someone he loves, he will definitely not get tired and tired easily. Love is able to make the body produce chemicals that can awaken and maintain the body’s vitality. Love will keep the body fit, healthy, and on fire.

Vocal (voice)
Love will be able to make the mouth of someone who used to be silent become active voices. When in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in bed, when watering the plants, at work and in various other places, her lips will always sing, delirium, and speak beautiful words without her knowing it.

So when you see someone who used to be calm, now turns out to always make a sound, chant, greet him in a friendly manner, then that is a sign that he is in love. Even in his heart he always calls out to the person he loves.

Enjoy (joy)
Love brings a sense of calm and comfort. Physical and psychological will always be at a stage of peace. Every action he takes will be enjoyable. Life is full of pleasure even though you are in trouble. Wherever he is, as long as he can see the smile of the person he loves, everyone will definitely enjoy it. The feeling of “Enjoy” will be seen in every attitude and action.

Okay friends, those are the four signs that someone is in love = Laugh – On Fire – Vocal – Enjoy

The Four Phases of Being in Love in the Chemical Process
Maybe people say, love can come as fast as lightning. Many people fall in love only in the blink of an eye or at first sight. As the saying goes, love comes from the eyes down to the heart. However, in the chemical process in the body, the emergence of love is a number of stages that are quite complex and involve various organs of the body, from action to reaction. Judging from the chemical process, falling in love will go through four phases, namely:

Phase # 1 Amazed / Impressed / Fascinated
This is the initial stage of falling in love. In this stage generally involves the senses of sight, hearing, and touch. The sense of sight (eyes) is usually dazzled by the beauty of the face or body, the sense of hearing is impressed by soft or firm speech, and the sense of touch concerns admiration for touch or caress.

Phase # 2 Attraction
In this stage, the brain organs will be affected to produce three important compounds for love, namely: Phenyletilamine (PEA), Dopamine and Nenopinephrine. Phenyletilamine (PEA) is an amphetamine-type compound which functions to help the absorption of tryptophan in the brain. This process then triggers the formation of dopamine which gives a sensation of ‘joy’ and ‘carefree’.

In matters of love, this compound can make your face flushed and blushed. Dopamine is a chemical cell in the brains of various types of vertebrates and invertebrates, a type of neurotransmitter (a substance that transmits messages from one nerve to another) and is an intermediary for the biosynthesis of adrenal and noradrenaline hormones.

Dopamine is also a hormone produced by hypotalmus. Its main function as a hormone is to inhibit the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland. Dopamine can generate feelings of volunteerism and motivation, so this is what allows us to be willing to do anything for him. Nenopinephrine helps complete the process.

Phase # 3 Attachment
In this phase, human feelings begin to feel dependent on him. This happens because the body has produced Endropin compounds. These compounds can create feelings of security, peace, and serenity. When we are near people we love, then without realizing it our brain will produce this compound which ultimately causes us not to be away from it, as the saying goes “a day without you is like a year without meeting”.

Final Phase # 4 (Unification Stage)
In the final stage, the brain produces a chemical called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a type of hormone released by the pituitary gland, which is located in the human brain, when humans give birth, breastfeed and have sex. The hormone oxytocin works like a strong human glue.

Research results say that the hormone oxytocin can strengthen the intensity of the bond between two humans, reduce human critical thinking skills and also foster a sense of trust. It is in this phase that a bond of love that is full of intimacy will emerge.

These are the four phases or stages of the process that our bodies have to go through when they are in love. It turns out too complicated, huh!

Tips When Falling in Love
Falling in love does make thoughts without logic. The tone of falling in love makes you feel like a seagull without a nest, especially if the love is reciprocated, whoops … you can forget the land People say drunken romance. Love sickness can give you a high spirit of life, but if you are unable to control it, it can be bad for your life activities. To reduce the bad impact of feeling drunk when falling in love, please consider the following four tips:

  1. Establishing Social Communication
    One negative impact when drunk in love is the reduced time to socialize with the surrounding environment. We will always focus on pleasing him, and pay more attention. If this continues without our control it will affect our interactions.

Maybe we will be considered arrogant or have changed because of love. It’s not good for our life. So keep taking your time to communicate with friends, and keep socializing with the people around you. Good communication with your social environment will help you a little from the drunken romance.

  1. Manage Time Together
    Being in love will make time dilation, a day feels like a year. This makes us always want to be with him all day. If this is allowed to continue, it will make us forget everything even more, and continue to sink into the drunkenness of ‘romance. Balance your time for various purposes. Arrange the frequency of meetings with the lover so that it is not too frequent or too infrequent.
  2. Doing Other Activities
    One way to divert attention in reducing motion sickness is to do a variety of additional activities. If you’ve just fallen in love, we often take advantage of our free time to communicate with the other person, whether it’s chat, Facebook, or Twitter. If your spare time is often used to establish intense communication with your lover, it will make yourself even more involved in the storm of romance.
  3. Take Medicines
    If you are motion sickness, you can take medicine so that you will quickly disappear. But if you are drunk in love, what’s the cure? Yes, it’s simple, water your heart and soul with religious teachings. In every religion, of course, there are sacred values ​​that teach humans in living a relationship of love. Religion can wake us from all drunkenness, including love.


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