15 things you no longer need to apologize for.

Don’t apologize for being true in a world where being so takes you far.

2. Do not apologize for removing toxic people from your life, no matter how long you know them, how close you have been or even if you are related.

3 . Don’t apologize for ignoring their message after spending months without hearing about it.

4. Don’t apologize for publishing that quote, song or article that may offend some people, publish whatever you want.

5. Don’t apologize for being paranoid.

6. Don’t apologize for deciding not to love someone who has wronged you.

7. Don’t apologize for neglecting people who need you only when it’s convenient for them.

8. Don’t apologize for the painful things you said, because if they can say it, why can’t you?

Don’t apologize for trusting all the wrong people, because they taught you that some people seem to want the best for you, but when you get it, they want to take it away from you.

10. Do not apologize for having celebrated even if there is nothing to celebrate, because fun should not be tied to certain occasions, people or results.

11. Don’t apologize for not keeping things to yourself anymore: remove them from your chest so you can breathe again.

12. Don’t apologize for calling someone, it’s your right to set limits in any relationship.

Don’t apologize for putting yourself first, because let’s face it: someone had to do it.

14. Don’t apologize for being an adult who is still learning what matters, who matters and in which direction to go.

15. Don’t apologize for simply becoming what you should be.

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