12 Ways to Maintain Environmental Hygiene

A clean environment does not only make anyone who sees it feel comfortable and safe. A clean environment will also provide many benefits, including in disease control. Because we know that a dirty environment is a hotbed of many dangerous germs.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to maintain good environmental hygiene in living a healthy lifestyle . How to? Because the environment is a vast place not only around the house. However, by focusing on ways to maintain the cleanliness of the environment below, we can certainly take good care of it.

  1. Starting from the Home Environment

The simplest thing we can do to always keep the environment clean is to maintain the cleanliness of the house and yard. Because cleaning the house and yard will make us more accustomed to cleaning other environments. Make sure we always sweep the house at least twice a day. Sweep the home page at least 2 times a week.

  1. Recycle

There are many types of waste that will pollute the surrounding environment that can actually be recycled well. For example, using used cans and bottles to be used as any container. Used cans can be turned into a flower pot and we can even decorate it. This will be a positive thing compared to letting it be a pile of garbage.

  1. Making Compost

Compost can be made from organic waste. Instead of leaving it dormant and decaying to cause disease germs, it is better if it is processed into compost that is useful for agriculture and plantations.

  1. No littering

The most important thing in maintaining environmental cleanliness is to keep getting used to good things such as the habit of disposing garbage wherever it is. Do not let trash scattered everywhere without caring to throw it in its place.

In fact, if possible always instill in each of us to maintain cleanliness by picking up trash scattered on the streets. Throw it where it should be even though we aren’t cleaners.

  1. Separating Types of Trash

Using different types of garbage cans for organic and organic waste is a good thing. Because organic waste is garbage that can be processed and used as fertilizer. While some organic waste can also be used as certain furniture. Separating these two types of waste will help in the processing.

  1. Mutual Assistance Activities

Another important thing is to always get used to the habit of mutual cooperation of fellow citizens. This not only helps to clean the surrounding environment, but will also help to strengthen the fabric of cooperation between residents.

Usually this mutual assistance activity will be carried out at least once a week so that the environment is completely clean of rubbish. So, it is very important to maintain cohesiveness between citizens so that they can together to realize the environmental cleanliness that is needed by everyone.

  1. Crush the Trash

Most inorganic waste such as plastic bottles and containers and others will make the volume of waste more. So, the important thing that can be done to reduce the volume of waste is to crush it.

Crushing this rubbish not only reduces the volume of available rubbish, but also plays a role in minimizing the reuse of harmful rubbish. For example, individuals who use beverage bottle bins for reuse without the sterilization process.

  1. Greening

Who would have thought to create a healthy, shady and beautiful environment can be done easily. One of them is the greening process. Invite your neighbors to plant lots of tree seedlings in the surrounding environment.

With so many trees, the environment will become more clean and beautiful. Plants will recycle unhealthy air to be healthier and make it easier for us to get clean air.

  1. Closure of Drains

Closing the existing water channels is also an action that can be taken to always maintain environmental cleanliness. Because usually the open water channel will trigger many people to litter and make the channel a den of garbage and a source of various diseases.

10 Create a Trash Hole

You can make a special hole that is provided to put in organic waste, so that later it can be recycled and minimize odors. We know that organic waste will spoil and will cause unpleasant odors, which is why it is put in the hole and piled up again.

  1. Increase the Trash Can

People often dispose of garbage because of the lack of available trash. So, multiply the number of trash cans on the streets and around the residential neighborhood.

  1. Socialization

Conducting outreach or outreach is necessary so that people know how important it is to maintain environmental hygiene. This will make many people aware of the dangers of dirty environment and motivate them to maintain environmental cleanliness.

So, that’s 12 ways to maintain environmental cleanliness that we can apply in everyday life. Getting a clean environment means avoiding the spread of germs.


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