Benefits of Secang Herbal Drink for Health

One way to reduce the consumption of chemical drugs is to get used to using herbs as a substitute for chemical drugs.

Because one of the problems that arise when continuously consuming chemical drugs (ROTD / adverse drug reaction) ROTD is a response to drugs that are harmful or unexpected that occur at normal doses and are used by humans for prophylactic, diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Therefore, so that we do not continue to consume chemical drugs, we can begin to replace it by consuming herbal drinks as traditional medicine. Here it has been tested as described in a journal from the Food Technology Study Program, Lampung State Polytechnic (POLINELA)

Here I raise the topic of this secang herbal drink, Because apart from the good taste we can get many benefits, especially for health and can implement a healthy lifestyle. the benefits of this secang herbal drink are empirically proven to increase body stamina, overcome flatulence and colds as well as body warmers (Anonymous, 2008).

with the benefits that we already know from this secang herbal, we can begin to get used to starting consuming herbal secang drinks, as a substitute for chemical drugs.

The main ingredients for making this secang herbal drink include sugar (sucrose) and salt which serves to improve the organoleptic properties, especially taste.

According to Wrolstad,, 2005, sugar (sucrose) is an interference compound that can provide not the actual total phenol content.

The use of granulated sugar and salt in the herbs of this drink, can also refract the activity of reducing blood sugar levels from sappang so that reformulation of sang cup into a low calorie drink is very necessary. apart from the main ingredients that have been described, we can add other herbal ingredients to complement this secang herbal drink for example we can add ginger, cinnamon, lemon grass, cloves.

This secang herbal plant, is easy to find on plantations or in the forest. remember this secang plant is a wild plant. Therefore we can get it easily, and without having to pay more to utilize this secang herbal plants.

This secang herbal plant for those who do not know I will describe the characteristics of this herbal plant, namely, the stem is woody, round and brownish green.

On the trunk, there are sticky thorns that are bent and spread out. Secang wood has brown taproot, while the leaves have double pinnate compound form. Leaf length 25-40 cm (Hariana, 2006). Here is a picture of the secang plant:


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