12 Uses Of Compressed Air You Must Know

Compressed air is everywhere.It is compressed with a compressor at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure.Compressed air is a basic requirement of the industrial sector, and should always be clean and dry – a single drop of oil can cause poor operation of the pneumatic automation process.

Uses of compressed air
Compressed air has numerous uses .

  • Its use in gas or oil burners.
  • For cleaning and ventilation of machines or tanks containing dangerous gases,
  • for ventilation of tunnels,
  • machine room in ships,
  • sandblasting ,
  • glass blowing,
  • painting
  • In civil construction, , compressed air compressors are used in the expulsion of water from rivers and lakes.

Features compressed air

  • Air leakage is non-toxic, explosive or flammable.
  • It has a regulator of pressure.
  • There may be combinations with other forms of energy.
  • It has a low cost compared to other working methods.
  • Its easy to transport.
  • Ensures safe working
  • It is clean and does not cause problems in vehicles mainly.

Types of Compressed Air Compressors

There are several models of compressors for each type of need, and one of the advantages to those who are interested in using one is not having to buy the product to use it. The rental of compressors is a habit that generates economy and benefits the accomplishment of a work with a high quality equipment.

It is possible to use electric, diesel or fuel compressors with flow rates of 5 to 840 pcm and pressure of 7 to 12 BAR.

Air Compressors (Electric)

They are manufactured between 5 and 30 pcm and are indicated for those jobs that do not require as much effort as, for example, the use in joinery and paints in general.

Check out the models of electric compressors

Air Compressors (Diesel)

The air compressors diesel are 7 bar in which the flow can be between 95 and 750 pcm. One of the advantages is to invest in equipment that is compact and easy to use in different locations.


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