12 Examples of Social Skills

For human beings, interacting is essential for their emotional development , today we give examples of basic social skills for everyone.


They are those behaviors that an individual has when interacting with their peers and that, therefore, allow them to relate satisfactorily. 

Examples of social skills in children and adults

  1. Eye contact 

By looking into the eyes of a person when they transmit a message to us, it makes communication more effective and fluid.

Obviously, it must be a spontaneous and not forced action, that is, spending the entire conversation looking someone in the eye could generate more nerves.

  1. Control anger

We all feel this negative emotion at some point , however, learning to control it is an achievement.

The results are not better if we respond with anger or by giving bad answers.

So the best thing is to understand the context and if the other person is angry trying to control them will be the best.

  1. Have empathy 

Empathy also plays a fundamental role, although it is one of the complex social skills that exist, because not everyone can learn it .

However, it is crucial to have interpersonal relationships with others, adapting to their state of mind and understanding the situation they are going through.

  1. Express credibility

Credibility is essential so that other people can trust us.

This makes others show themselves as they are and be more receptive when it comes to listening to us.

  1. Think positively

Positive thoughts influence the way we relate to others, for this reason, cultivating them must be a constant action.

Living with the understanding that not everything will turn out the way we always want will help us better solve problems, attracting positive and enthusiastic people.

  1. Show compassion

It is a mistake, wanting to be very hard with others, perfection in humans does not exist.

For this reason, compassion is undoubtedly one of the most complete and ideal examples of social skills to strengthen ties with friends, family or partners.

  1. Be patient

Patience ratifies the importance of social skills , because if we don’t master it, anything could make us annoy and create an unnecessary problem.

Being patient will allow us to leave behind moments of tension and work to overcome any inconvenience.

Do you have a fit of anger? Take your time, breathe easy and get back to work to get ahead.

  1. Express yourself correctly

If you still wonder what social skills are, it is enough to know how to express yourself to others, that is, take into account the type of language we use.

  1. Listen

Many times we spend time listening, but not listening, that is, we do not pay attention to what they tell us.

Maintaining an active listening will denote interest in what the other person says, this in turn, will feel more interested in continuing to tell us.

Knowing how to listen is extremely important to achieve good communication with other people.

  1. Ask for help 

Leave behind pride or negative thoughts that do not allow us to ask for help when we need it.

Requesting support is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, it opens doors for us to take more successful steps.

  1. Sense of humor

Making someone smile is ideal for creating a good communicative climate, especially when there is a tense or conflictive situation.

A sense of humor is a very effective technique for other people to feel interested in us, not only by making them laugh, but by having a kind and positive personality.

  1. Express interest

When you’re meeting someone and you want to show your interest, you don’t have to say it literally.

Implicitly, you can show him/her that you are interested in him/her by asking him/her questions about his/her life, tastes, how he/she feels, in short, everything that can bring you closer.

These are basic social skills to surround ourselves with positive people who add good times to our lives.

What are they for?

The development of social skills is important for every human being, taking into account that they influence (positively or negatively) when it comes to relating.

That is, when making friends, looking for a job, expressing annoyance or expressing happiness.

Working on them can make us have a better quality of life from a psychological point of view.

So, the examples of social skills mentioned above are a reflection of how to improve our ability to relate to others and have a fulfilling life.

Other types of social skills

  • Ask a question when in doubt.
  • Introducing yourself to others, making us feel will help to interact better.
  • Compliment someone for their achievements or for the effort they have put into a project.
  • Always give thanks, be thankful for what we have, will always attract peace.
  • Start a conversation, take the first step to perhaps get the best friendship


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