11 best proxies that you can access

Privacy when browsing the Internet is one of the workhorses of millions of users who want to prevent third parties from knowing which websites we enter and our behavior while browsing it. Precisely that, privacy, is what a proxy will offer us. We tell you which are the 11 best proxies that you can access in 2021 for free .

For many it is difficult to identify the differences between a proxy and a VPN . VPNs or virtual private networks provide us with safe browsing through the so-called VPN tunnel, which allows several computers to connect with each other without the need for a physical connection. If you want to know a little more in detail what a VPN is , here we tell you.

For its part, what a proxy does is act as an intermediary between our computer and the server we want to go to. That is, it receives your visit requests and sends them to the destination page, which, in this way, ignores that it is you who is doing the navigation. It is always appropriate to go deeper into these technical concepts in order to understand them, so here we leave you more information about what a proxy is .

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In any case, what interests us the most is that the proxies hide our IP and allow us to navigate in a hidden way and avoid possible restrictions associated with aspects such as our location. One of the most common uses today is, for example, to be able to enjoy the contents of a streaming platform that are specific to a country other than the one we are in.

Many of the best proxies with which we can bypass these restrictions imply that we make a disbursement. However, there are also very interesting and easy-to-use options that are free . We are going to tell you which ones are, in our opinion, the best.


Probably the free proxy, or with free versions, most popular among those that we can find on the net. More than 20 million users around the world endorse its service.

The best thing is the privacy that it offers us, since the URL that it gives us expires when we close the browser, in addition to not retaining our data in any case. The worst thing is that the free version has many limitations and we can access very few servers. If you don’t mind spending a little, the paid version is very complete.

Web: Hide.me


It is one of the most complete proxies. And this is, above all, because it has servers both in the United States and in Europe . And one of the best things that sets it apart from most of the competition is that, despite being free, it doesn’t flood us with advertising when we use it.

And what can we do with Hidester.com? Well, a bit of everything. It lets us activate or deactivate cookies and, the main thing, facilitates the encryption of URLs.

Web: Hidester.com


In this case, we also have a good number of servers, both in Europe and in the United States. Specifically, up to 25. On the cover of ProxySite we find buttons to directly access the most common web pages . You know: Google, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, among others.

Web: ProxySite


We continue our tour focusing on another of the most used proxies. And it certainly deserves this position of honor, as it is extraordinarily easy to make use of .

Its profits do not differ much from other options. It allows us to hide our geographical location and hide our IP . In other words, guaranteed anonymity. It also has, by the way, direct access to some of the most used websites today. In this case YouTube. Twitch, Google, Daily Motion, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Web: FilterBypass


We are facing one of the simplest proxies . VPNBook’s web proxy is a breeze for the user. You just have to enter the URL you want to go to in the space designated for it. Once done, you choose between the United Kingdom, Canada, United States or France server and hit Ok. No more no less. As simple as that.

Web: VPNBook

Fast USA

The truth is that it does not have the most attractive design in the world. When accessing it we find a website full of ads and quite dark. But it is not the design that determines the use of a proxy, but its usability. And Fast USA is simple and very useful.

We can encrypt our URL without difficulty and decide on cookies. Simply enter the web we want to navigate, and voila. Of course, we do not have the option to select the browser.

Web: Fast USA


Another very useful and simple option that we can use on all our devices without going through the hassle of installing it on one or the other. For the rest, like other proxies we have talked about, we have hidden navigation, without problems with our location and all security. The option it gives us to download an extension is not bad either .

Web: Kproxy.com


In this case the mode of use changes a bit , but the utility is as magnificent as in other proxies that we have shown you.

What’s different with Whoer.net? Well above all a detail. We are not the ones who choose the server that is going to help us as an intermediary, but they are going to give it to us already done. We will use a server that provides us with the tool at random.

Web: Whoer.net

New IP Now

You have very limited options, but really, in most of the times we need a proxy, they can be more than enough. Above all, because it has an important advantage over the competition: it has a wide variety of servers . In all of them it details its IP and its location. And, the truth, little else.

Web: New IP

Croxy Proxy

We have at our disposal all the usual possibilities of the most used proxies, but in Croxy Proxy we add one more that is not available in other similar tools.

And it is that in Croxy Proxy, in the event that we do not know exactly what is the URL we want to enter, we can use search keywords that will lead us to our desired destination.

Web: Croxy Proxy


In this case, what stands out the most is all the options it offers us , some of which we cannot find in similar services. Most of their servers are in the United States, but we also found some in Europe.

Among the various possibilities we have are, of course, that of encrypting the URL. But it also allows us to make the title of the pages we visit disappear , choose whether or not we want cookies and even eliminate JavaScript.

Web: 4EverProxy

As you have seen, there are many options we have to make our Internet browsing a little more secure and completely private. If you decide to use one of these 11 best proxies that we indicate, you will feel calmer when you access many websites, apart from not worrying about the services you can use based on your location.


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