How to edit your PDFs for free

PDF files are a standard that has a lot of versatility, but they are difficult to edit, so today we will tell you all about one of the best online tools to edit your PDFs for free , ILovePDF.

A PDF file is a file prepared and optimized to be sent and shared via email or instant messaging or also to be printed, since the PDF / x standard is a print-ready mode.

I Love PDF has a desktop application with which we can perform all the functions that we have in the online tool, but with the characteristic that we can do it offline, that is, without an Internet connection.

How to insert a PDF into a Word

I Love PDF, a tool that can do everything

I Love PDF is one of the best online tools that we can use to edit our PDFs, it also has a desktop application that offers the same functions, but without the need for an Internet connection.

Let’s see what are all the functions that we can have with I Love PDF to edit our PDF files for free. All I Love PDF tools are free , but we can also pay € 72 per year or € 9 per month, to have access to all the functions without limits.

Join PDF

Next we will show you how we can join several PDFs, a very useful function if we have, for example, several topics of a subject and we want to unify them in a single PDF.

  • We select the Merge PDF tool .
  • Now in the next window we will have to click on the button “Select PDF files”. We can also select the files from our Google Drive or Dropbox account or also drag and drop the files on that window.
  • Now, once all the PDFs have been selected, we can see a preview of the order in which they will be joined, being able to change that order.
  • Click on the “Join PDF” button , after a short wait you will be able to download the joined PDF.

Web: Join PDF

Split PDF

This tool is the nemesis of the previous one, if we want the pages of a PDF separately with the divide PDF function we can achieve it. Follow these steps to split your PDF.

  • We press the button “Select PDF file” .
  • Now we will have several options to be able to divide the PDF, on the one hand we can establish a range of number of pages to be able to divide the PDF We can put fixed ranges or dynamic ranges.
  • Another option will be to extract the pages directly, and therefore one PDF per page will be created. And we can also select only the pages that we want to extract.
  • To continue we will press the “Divide PDF” button and then we will download it.

Web: Split PDF

Sort pages in a PDF

Sometimes we want to order the pages of a PDF because the conversion from a different format to PDF may have had an error and we have changed the site pages, because the PDF order tool helps us to organize the pages:

  • Press the ” Select PDF file ” button .
  • Now you can change the position of each of the pages or of several files, but the free option only allows us a maximum of 5 files.
  • Now we will press the “Order” button .

Web: Sort PDF

Delete pages from a PDF

It may be that our PDF file has inadvertently created blank pages and to be able to eliminate them we will have to use the delete PDF pages tool:

  • We click the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now we write the number of the page that we want to delete or the range of pages with hyphens.
  • We press “Delete pages” and we will save the PDF on our computer.

Web: Delete PDF pages

Compress PDF

Surely more than once when you have finished your work in Word or Power Point and have created a PDF, you have been able to see that it takes up too much to send by email, because with the compress PDF tool you can optimize it to the maximum while preserving all the quality.

  • Click on the “Select PDF file” button .
  • In the next window we can select the type of compression we want, we must warn you that if you choose the maximum compression you will see the quality of your photos reduced in the final file.
  • Now press the “Compress PDF” button .
  • You will be able to see the compression rate that has been performed and the final weight of the optimized file.

Web: Compress PDF

Convert from PDF to Word, Power Point, Excel, JPG or HTML and vice versa

The following functions are conversion functions, surely more than once you have wanted to make a PDF file of your science work for example, but you have not been able to because you do not have Acrobat because follow these steps to be able to convert your PDF to different types:

  • Press the “Select WORD documents” button .
  • Now hit the “Convert to PDF” button.
  • Your converted PDF file will then be downloaded from the Word file you have chosen.
  • You can do this step with the Office files; Word, Power Point and Excel , but you can also do it the other way around, that is, you can transform your PDFs to different Office files.

Web: PDF to Word

Web: PDF to Power Point

Web: PDF to Excel

Web: PDF to JPG

Web: Word to PDF

Web: Power Point to PDF

Web: Excel to PDF

Web: JPG to PDF

Web: HTML to PDF

Edit PDF

Although all the tools we are looking at are to edit your PDF files, we have not mentioned anything to edit the content of it until now, with this function we can edit the texts and images of the PDF files, follow these steps to see how to do it:

  • Press the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now in the viewer we can see the current page or change the page in case we want to edit something else.
  • In the upper bar we can see what actions we have available to edit our PDF, we can: add text, images, shapes or draw freehand.
  • Once edited we just have to press the “Edit PDF” button and download it when the editing is finished.

Web: Edit PDF

Add page numbers

It is very common that we have written a text in Word and when converting it to PDF we have realized that we do not have foliation or pagination, but with the option of page numbers we can solve this problem:

  • We will press the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now we can see several points to highlight the first one will be the page mode and the position in which we want the page number.
  • Another option will be to choose the first number that we want the first page to have.
  • Finally we will be able to see the type of text and the format that we can give to the pagination of the PDF.
  • Now we press the button “Insert page numbers” .

Web: Page numbers


We have told you how we can add the pagination, but in case you want to add a watermark to all the pages of your PDF you must use the “Watermark” option.

  • We will press the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now we can choose whether to add a text or an image as a watermark.
  • We can modify all the parameters we want, from the position such as the transparency of the text or the image.
  • Now we will press “Insert watermark” and we will have our PDF with watermarks to show its authenticity.

Web: Watermark

Unlock PDF

Surely more than once you have come across a PDF that is locked and protected by a password, well thanks to the unlock PDF tool you will be able to remove any password from a PDF file in order to edit it.

  • Press the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now you must click on “Unlock PDF” and save the new PDF without password.

Web: Unlock PDF

Protect PDF

On the other hand, if what we want is to protect our PDF with a password so that no one can edit it, we will have to use another function called protect PDF.

  • Press the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now you must choose the password you want to protect the file.
  • Finally click on “Protect PDF” .

Web: Protect PDF

Sign PDF

Nowadays it is very common to send signed documents through instant messaging or by email, because with the PDF signing tool we can add a signature to verify the PDF author when you need to do so.

  • Press the “Select PDF file” button .
  • Now a box will appear in which we will have to choose if we only have to sign the PDF ourselves or it has to be several people.
  • In the edit bar we can select what type of signature we want to add among the options we can choose: signature, initials, name, date and other text . We can also choose the option to sign digitally, but it is reserved for the premium version of ILovePDF.
  • Finally we will press the “Sign” button and we will be able to download the PDF with the signature.

Web: Sign PDF

Now you know in depth the online tool to edit all your PDF files for free and thus use them as you please, also all this without having to have a dedicated software to open or manage PDFs, as ILovePDF takes care of doing that.


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