100 Examples of Vertebrate animals

The vertebrates are those endowed with a backbone or spinal column, which divides the body into two identical halves (bilateral symmetry). Normally its body can be divided into the head, trunk (thorax and abdomen) and tail. For example: dog, parrot, toucan, shark.

This classification includes more than 60,000 current species , as well as a significant number of fossils, since its evolutionary origin is estimated to be at the beginning of the Paleozoic period , during the Cambrian explosion. The oldest known is the Haikouichtys , which originated 525 million years ago.

With few exceptions, the reproduction of vertebrates is sexual, and their locomotor, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, digestive and excretory systems are among the most complex known.

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Examples of vertebrate animals

Broadly speaking, vertebrates can be grouped into five categories: Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Birds, Amphibians:


Whales Capybaras Mice
Dolphins Sheep Kangaroos
Killer whales Elephants Chimpanzees
Dogs Giraffes Gorillas
Cats Rhinos Humans
Horses Lions Goats
Cows Hyenas  
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Vipers Basilisks Australian flying lizards
Crocodiles Boas constrictors Gila Monsters
Alligators Galapagos tortoises Lutions
Iguanas Turtles Dinosaurs (extinct)
Aquatic turtles Monitor Pterosaurs (extinct)
Common lizards Chameleons Mosasaurs (extinct)
Komodo dragons Tuátaras from New Zealand  
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Sharks Codfish Sail fish
Sea eels Toad fish Tuna
Barracudas Japanese koi Sword fish
Puffer fish Tents Abyssal fish
Clown fish Sturgeon Coelacanths (extinct)
River needles Piranhas Soles
Whale sharks Moon fish  


Axolotls Running toads African bullfrogs
Tree frogs Giant toads Chinese giant salamanders
Cecilias Poisonous frogs Necturos
Common salamanders Gallipats Microsaurs (extinct)
Rainbow frogs Lungless salamanders Lysorophians (extinct)
Darwin’s frogs Seychelles frogs Proteus
Common toads Poisonous Cane Toads  


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