10 do-it-yourself yoga mat holders

With the do-it-yourself and thanks to the creative recycling you can create with your own hands new bags to be used as a yoga mat holder .The yoga mat door are not difficult to create from simple cloth or other fabrics and recycled materials, even plastic bags to be woven, felted sweaters and old umbrellas. Here are many ideas you can inspire for your DIY yoga mat holder.


Plastic bags

Here is one of the most original examples to make a do-it-yourself yoga mat holder. In this case , plastic bags were used , cut into strips and carefully woven together to form a support net for your mat. 

yoga mat 1


Another idea to create a yoga mat holder involves recovering a pair of old jeans . Just check that the diameter of the trouser legs is suitable for inserting your mat. In this case, in fact, your cutting and sewing work will be facilitated. In addition, jeans pockets can turn into useful storage compartments. Here a useful tutorial.

yoga mat 2


This yoga mat holder was made from old white stretch cotton trousers . The fabric has been repainted in purple and blue and the main part of the mat holder was born simply from a trouser leg, adapted to the size of the mat itself. Take inspiration from this model to make your meter door.

yoga mat 3

Coffee sack

This yoga mat holder was made starting from the recovery of a coffee bag . A bag of unused canvas or jute will be perfect for giving life to a similar project. Just a little skill with cutting and sewing. The look is decidedly vintage . For the shoulder strap you can use a rope, as in the photo.

yoga mat 4


Those who are skilled in knitting will be able to create a new mattress holder for yoga, for themselves or to give to those approaching practice. You can also obtain a similar result by recycling old sweaters. If you can, gather the unused balls of yarn to get a truly colorful and original result. Here more information.

yoga mat 5


Among you there will surely be a magician of crochet who can arm himself with patience to create a do-it-yourself yoga mat holder customized according to the size of the mat and the favorite colors of those who will use it. Here you will find the complete tutorial in English, but you can certainly draw on your imagination and creativity to choose the most suitable decorations and motifs.

yoga mat 6


Another material suitable for making a yoga mat holder is felt . You can buy it in haberdasheries and in fabric and fabric stores. Or maybe you could start from old felted sweaters and make your own carpet holder from the sleeves, complete with shoulder strap, as in the photo.

yoga mat 7


Choose the fabric of your color and your favorite pattern . It may also be useful to retrieve old sheets or the pillowcases left in the bottom of a wardrobe. You will need to cut and sew the chosen fabric so that it fits the size of your mat. Here you find a useful tutorial.

yoga mat 8


It seems incredible, but there are also those who have thought of creating a yoga mat holder starting from the fabric recovered from an old umbrella . In fact, if you think about it, the idea is brilliant because in this way you get a completely waterproof bag for the yoga mat . Find similar door mats for sale on Etsy .

yoga mat 9


Go in search of all the fabric remnants you have at your home and try to bring them together to create your yoga mat bag. You can also use different colored threads for the seams. An interesting project was born in Indonesia : to create patchwork floor mats and to put them on sale for charity, in favor of preserving the traditions linked to local crafts.

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