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If your loved one is having a low self-esteem state and you are thinking How can you help him? Today, Prae has 10 psychology articles that will help your loved ones improve their self-esteem.


self-esteem is the feeling that a person One adores and self-satisfies. This is a very important quality that one person can achieve in life. And lead his life happily. People with low self-esteem often feel bad about themselves, not like themselves, such as feeling that they are too fat. Not capable enough Which these negative thoughts towards oneself It affects behavior and personality which have a direct impact on daily life. And happiness in their life


Fran Hayden, a British psychologist. Here are ten ways we can help a person with low self-esteem to develop himself.


  1. Do not support or pay attention to negative conversations. 

If the person you care about I’m talking negatively about myself. Like me, this isn’t smart. I’m not beautiful at all. Others are more talented than me. Or whatever is a negative thought about yourself What we have to do is Not participating in the conversation growing their negative thoughts.


  1. Tell them you love them. And say why

People with low self-esteem tend not to love themselves as much. One way to help him is Showing love for him Make them feel that love And tell him why we love him So that they value themselves, for example, I love you because you are a good-hearted person. And is a good friend who never thinks evil with anyone etc.


  1. Share positive thoughts or stories. To him always

If you have a good story Or an encouraging story Share this story with someone who is low self-esteem, sharing good stories, great ideas or great articles. It makes them feel like we miss and care for them, making them feel valued. Which will lead to the ability to regain attention And value yourself


  1. Encourage them to take care of themselves.

Taking care of yourself is very important that everyone should be able to make healthy food choices. Exercise, relax, or even give yourself good things, such as a relaxing massage, watching a movie, or reading a favorite book. Or pursuing a hobby that makes us happy Because of these It helps us maintain a balance between work, reduce burnout and relieve tension. Encourage someone who is low self-esteem to do what he or she will feel happy about. And take care of yourself Because these people tend not to take care of themselves.


  1. Pay attention but be firm.

Sometimes we have to say or act honestly. So that they can do something to help themselves. But communication should have a purpose with goodwill. And want them to be happier, for example, if we want them Try doing something and tell him honestly that we believe in him. And will always be right here When he wants But he must help himself by taking action as well, etc.


  1. Praise them and help them accept compliments.

If there is a good thing It is wise to praise him. And sincerely admire him However, in most cases people with low self-esteem do not accept compliments. Because they feel they are inadequate. For example, you are a person who smiles a lot. And this is a really heartfelt compliment. Accept this compliment and know Your smile is so beautiful


  1. Don’t tell him how he should feel.

Don’t tell them Be happy. Be happy. People with low self-esteem are often sensitive to the things that are easily hit. They will feel bad easily. If they want to say I want to express my feelings What we should do is Listen to that feeling Without telling or suggesting how he should feel


  1. Help him change focus.

Help him turn to the good in life, such as past success A bright future that awaits us Beauty all around Help them see what they have. And it is a delight


  1. Challenge them.

Giving them a try And success It will make them feel better about themselves. It can be as simple as exercising 15 minutes a day and, if successful, rejoice with them. By waiting for encouragement beside Always during the act, etc.


  1. Help find tools Or help them

Such as introducing a good website that is positive And inspire them Introduce people to help them develop their skills. That they want to develop etc.


Hopefully these 10 methods will be a guide that you can more or less help your loved ones. However, talking to an expert in order to understand the real problem. And deal with that problem, it will be able to help them a lot as well



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