Critical thinking is thinking with sharp analysis, so that we will not easily believe and easily agree with everything that applies and happens in our lives. Critical thinking can also make us think more positively. Someone who is always thinking negatively, when he tries to think critically, then he will think of two consequences of each event that applies, namely, positive and negative values.


This will help him to be free from the dominance of negative thoughts and want to give space to his mind to think positively . Critical thinking will also help us to avoid mistakes and mistakes. Therefore, it is important for us to think critically in evaluating everything.


How can we think critically? 

A wise saying goes that:

“Judge someone by the question they are giving, not by the answer. Because asking the right questions is the answer. ”


This saying has indirectly encouraged all of us to want to think critically and positively, so that we will find it easier to find confusing answers in our lives.


In other words, if your Career Advice colleagues do not want to feel upset about the current life, fellow readers need to ask some important questions that will help you all to think critically and positively.


According to Marc and Angel, there are several ways we can apply so that we can think critically and positively. One of them is asking ourselves the 10 questions below. The following is the explanation:


1. What do I need to get rid of my thoughts and start telling myself?

The first question we need to ask is what negative thoughts do we need to eliminate from our minds? Eliminating negative thoughts is very important for us because if our brains are too dominated by negative thoughts, we will find it difficult to think critically.


The main negative thought that we must erase is discrediting ourselves. When we underestimate ourselves, we tend to look at things negatively. Not only that, we will think that we are the source of the problem of every bad event that happens. From now on, we need to be our best friends. So, we can think more critically and positively.


2. What should I let go of this present life?

This second question is also very important for our lives. Often the bad things that are still inherent in our lives make stuck or stagnant. Try to think critically so that we can be released from this condition. Are there things that we should let go of now? Is that a toxic friendship? Relationships with partners who are too binding? Jobs that keep us away from family? Or, clients who make us lose?


When we have succeeded in identifying negative things that we must let go of, then we are indirectly thinking critically and thinking positively for our happiness in the future.


3. What are the problems that I am very grateful for because they did not occur in my life?

When your fellow readers try to think critically and positively, your fellow readers must analyze what problems do not exist in your life and that becomes a very grateful fellow reader? We may often hear complaints from family, relatives and coworkers in the office about what problems happen to them.


The best reaction we can give is to be empathetic and take lessons from every bad incident that happens to them. We will think critically and positively that God still loves us to avoid these things. Smile, be grateful and be happy for everything we have and don’t have at the moment.


4. What positive things do I really want right now?

Want to always think positive? If so, your fellow readers must be brave to imagine and think about any positive things that your fellow readers want right now, which your fellow readers are very confident in having, you will feel happier and more positive.


To get the answer, fellow readers can think critically about it. For example, if I get a promotion from the boss, is that really what I need for my current career? What positive and negative effects will I get if I get a promotion?


5. From the bad events that I face, will I avoid my responsibility? Or will I deal with it and move forward?

When we are hit by a problem or a very complicated condition, we really need to think critically and positively. Critical thinking will help us to take meaningful lessons from these annoying situations. So, we will not be cowards who avoid responsibility. When we have learned lessons from these conditions wisely, then we will think and be positive, and this kind of thinking will encourage us to continue to move forward.


6. Do I have to give the same reaction as mistakes in the past?

Suddenly, there is a great problem that comes back into our lives. Previously, we responded to the problem with inappropriate actions and without positive thoughts. In fact, I was able to harm others for my attitude. So that we can think critically and positively, we need to imagine the negative effects we once felt. It could be negative impacts will be more severe if we do the same thing as the previous response. This is why it is important for us to keep thinking critically and positively of everything that happens in our lives.


7. What can I do to spread goodness and become a better person?

If we live just for life, then how are we different from other living things (like animals and plants)? In life, we must target ourselves to become a better person from day to day.


Try honing our critical minds to think “what kind of good can I give to people around me?” “What can I do to help others?” and other positive questions that will shape us into better individuals.


8. What should I do so that I don’t get my hopes up in anything?

Hoping too high will make us hurt and disappointed. We invite all Career Advice colleagues to change your mindset so that they think critically about “what efforts can I make to avoid dependency on others?” Keep in mind that successful people will always try themselves, be independent and their happiness is not dictated by others. This question will help fellow readers to continue to think critically and positively for the good of life in the present and the future.


9. What things and who do I need to forgive?

Forgiveness of things that hurt and those who have hurt us is something we need to do. Why? Because to get peace and tranquility in our lives, we need to forgive people who have been evil to us, as well as bad experiences that have traumatized us. Critical and positive thoughts will help us to avoid the pitfalls of a painful past.


10. What great plan will I do next?

The last important question we need to ask ourselves is “what’s the next plan I will do?” Thinking about future plans will help us to hone critical and positive thoughts. Every plan we design we will consider the negative and positive impacts. In addition, thinking about future plans will also help us to continue to think positively.

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