Smart is knowing a lot of things related to science, smart, smart, and fast in understanding things. When someone is labeled as a smart person , it indicates that the person is someone who is easy to understand everything and has extensive knowledge.


Smart people are usually easy to achieve the success they want. Not only mastering some knowledge, but they are also clever in choosing appropriate strategies to achieve their life goals.


Do Smart People Always Remember Everything? 

Although smart people are considered intelligent , smart and even genius. Smart people are the same as other ordinary people. They are still human beings who can forget about something. In this article, we want to express some things that smart people often forget about their lives. Often life does not go according to what we expect, and this condition often makes us forget to enjoy life to stay motivated and motivated.


According to Marc and Angel, there are 9 simple facts that are often forgotten by smart people. By knowing and remembering these nine things, we are all expected to remain motivated in life and continue to move forward with strong beliefs. In this article, let’s assume that we are all smart people. So, this article can be very useful for our lives. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Without an Action, Education and Intelligence will not produce anything.

This first point is the main thing that all of us need to remember. Sometimes, we often assume that smart people who have a good educational background will be easier to achieve success, than ourselves who do not have an educational background like them. NO! this is a wrong thought. Never humble ourselves that success will be difficult for us to get, just because our education is not as high as others.


Smart people often forget this. They feel that a good education and a high level of intelligence is a guarantee for them to be successful. In fact, more important than the two factors is action. Without certain actions, a highly educated and intelligent person will still be difficult to achieve success.


2. Everyone Has a Ration of Success and Failure.

Smart people often think that the intelligence they have will not lead them to failure in life. In fact, every human being, whether he has a high level of intelligence or not, we all have our respective successes and failures. So, there are times when all our efforts and efforts lead us to success, and there are times when our hard work hasn’t produced any beauty. So, failure becomes a new opportunity for us to keep trying to pursue success.


3. Happiness and Success are Two Very Different Things.

Many people are competing to pursue success. The reason is not only to fulfill their life goals, but success is used as a benchmark to get happiness in life.


This wrong perception is not only owned by smart people , but almost everyone thinks that success is happiness . In fact, happiness can not only be obtained when we have become successful. Happiness always comes from within us. We invite fellow readers to read our other articles about happiness. So, fellow readers can be more inspired about the meaning of happiness.


4. The More Choices, the More Interfering with Our Decisions!

In this modern era, most people believe that the more choices that are given, the better. Many choices will allow us to compare one thing with other things, so that we can get the most best and most valuable.


In fact, many of us forget that the more choices we make the more confused. When we feel confused, we will make decisions longer and slower to take action. So if your fellow readers are faced with a lot of choices, look for the one closest to the criteria you want without having to linger longer to compare it with the others.


5. Every mistake that is made will draw us closer to success.

Lots of people are afraid to make mistakes, even they are ready to curse themselves when making a mistake. Some people think that making a mistake is just foolishness that cannot be tolerated. Relax, making mistakes isn’t as bad as we think. By making mistakes, we will learn what is good and bad. In addition, our experience will also increase. And of course, when we correct our mistakes, we are actually moving forward to get closer to success.


6. The Problems We Have With Others Are About Myself.

Everyone has a past and most of the past are sad things. Maybe we have a grudge and trauma about something. We have also felt disappointed and do not want to get to know some people who have hurt us. Yep! that is a very natural thing. Smart people will try their best to stay away from misery and make themselves happy. However, unfortunately we often forget that all the sadness happens because of ourselves. All decisions are in our hands, whether we want to forgive the past and move forward, or we are still sinking with pain in the past.


7. Someone can be great because they want to try something new.

For example, fellow readers have never spoken in public before. However, public speaking is something we really need to master in the business world. Many smart people think that they can only be skilled and reliable, when they do the things they like and they usually do.


In fact, we often forget that every expert must have been an expert in his field. An experienced, must have been a blind experience before. Therefore, we must not forget that someone can become great because they want to try something new and continue to practice.


8. Emotional intelligence is needed for wise decisions.

When we are angry and upset, don’t let our emotions make the wrong decision. People who have a high level of intelligence do not mean to have good emotional intelligence . That is why in addition to having IQ, EQ is also needed by everyone. Decisions made when you’re emotional, will usually be inappropriate and unwise decisions.


9. We Will Feel 100% Ready When The Opportunity Has Come.

“I will do blah … blah … blah … when I have had the chance to do it”. Who ever thought that way? Unfortunately, opportunities should be created, not awaited. When we are always waiting for the opportunity to come, we will never act quickly.

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