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The iPad is unique in being the best board game for board games. With great graphics, a touch-sensitive control, almost like paper in your hands, and great sound, especially from new iPad models, iPad makes a great substitute. And for digital board games, great added value is most not needed by everyone who has gathered around the same table to have fun.

The best board games include some classics and some of the great board games created in recent years, but we focus on board games. While there are many great card-based battle games on the iPad , we’re Magricist Hearthstone: A collection focused on traditional board games.

Warhammer Quest

One part of a fantasy role-playing game and one part of a board game, Warhammer Quest is one of many games based on the Warhammer game line. And if the graphics and art look a bit like a certain other game, it may be that the Warcraft series, including World of Warcraft, won a lot of inspiration from Warhammer.

Warhammer Quest is a great customization of board games. And in many cases, it plays out like any other side-based role-play, where participants are involved with guests, allowing them to enter prisons. Fans of Warhammer and fantasy love this board game.

The Warhammer quest has a sequel, but many think it’s not quite similar to the original. Read on ”

The kings of the water village

Dungeons and Dragons defined the role-playing role of a pen and a roll of paper, and the lords of Waterdeep combined the deep history of forgotten heroes with rich elements of strategy board game to create a novel game. A blend of strategies is provided by a home patronage system through which you can play each game for different purposes and purposes as you compete against people or computer opponents who take control of the city of Waterdeep.

The lords of Waterdeep must be fans of Dungeons and Dragons, but anyone who loves a good board game will love that game. Each gaming session lasts about 20-30 minutes, so it’s just easy to go through multiple games at night.

Get on your feet with your friends: Lords Waterdeep Tips More »


Catan board game beginners gained popularity in the mid-90s. The game interferes with elements of strategy such as gathering and trading resources, as players attack the settlement of Katan Island, winning both encounters and achievements such as building the longest road or creating the largest army.

Customizing the game for iOS is set to the original rule and allows both single-player and multi-player play. This kind of board game is loved by game fans like Civilization and Rome. Read on ”


If you love games like Farmville, but hate to occasionally grab free-to-play money, infect so many of these games, you’ll love Agricola. Agricola does not focus on fragmented monsters or global dominance, but rather feeds your family. Perhaps denying others the ability to feed their families. Because you know, you want to win. One good thing about Agricola is the huge number of options you need to play the game, which really adds variety.

Read on ”

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

We can play board games in the golden age very well, we didn’t even realize it. Step into the indifferent local game store and you may be surprised at the many different titles, including some pretty cool Star Wars games. The board game was created by Descent, a fairly popular copier board game, and is played by a single player who plays as an imperial force and other players under the leadership of the rebels. In the version of the app, the iPad takes over Imperial forces, allowing all players to work together.

Travel ticket

Ride Ticket is a board game that focuses on demanding train paths throughout the United States and Canada. Players get hidden destinations that collect extra points at the end of the game if they can connect them, and the longest track experiences a bonus. The iPad version of the flat game is a great portability and offers single-player and multi-player both multi-player and pass-and-play options. Read on ”


Splendor is a gem board game that puts players against each other to make the most of an impact by gaining sight and oyster vision. The on-board board game Splendor uses a combination of cards, which can be developments or nobles, and tokens, which can represent pearls or gold.

The iPad version supports single-player AI, multi-player networking against up to four opponents, and offline pass-and-play mode. Read on ”

A game of life

If you are looking for a great game with your children, do not look at the classic game of life. This digitized version lets you on and off the board, playing with an interactive spirit that kids really enjoy. This is not recommended for crowd adults, as linear play and lack of real choice age rapidly, but are ideal for younger children. Read on ”

RISK: global dominance

Who doesn’t want to rule the world? Or at least Australia? Risk is one of the best strategy board games in history, and playing it on the iPad brings back memories of fun days where generations of generations sit in their host congregations.

The great version of the original board game RISK includes some options, such as alternative cards. It’s free to download, but it includes expired game passes, so if you want unlimited play, you’ll have to pay. However, if you just want to waste time from time to time, you can get the free version. Read on ”

Mahjong !!

Mahjong solitaire is a block of games that has long been as popular as card-based solitaire games such as Klondike Solitaire and Spider Solitaire. This free version of the game has a number of wallpapers and key features such as hints and bug fixes to correct errors. Read on ”


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