5 best board games for kids

Kids often get stuck in smarts , tablets and other electronic gadgets. It is not easy to distract them from the bright screen. But we’ll try.

We present the top of the best board games for children, which will not only be able to keep the child entertained, but also contribute to his development. It’s also a cool way to play together or with a group.

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Janod 5 in 1

One, two … as many as 5 games in one box – this is a chance to have an endless source of entertainment at hand for kids from 5 years old.

The complete set of this colorful box set will allow you to:

  1. Throw in cards. 54 cards with pictures depict cute princesses, funny jesters, smiling kings.
  2. Drive the goose by moving the tokens across the playing field and trying to be the first to bring the bird to the carousel.
  3. Play with multi-colored checkers, with the help of which you can arrange catching up of the wolf and sheep, play “One against all”, etc.
  4. Ride horses and be the first to take your black one out of the stable to the central part of the playing board.
  5. Fight in a ludo in which you will have to play your own tokens and think over a serious strategy to win.

And this is not a complete list of interesting entertainments from the box set. The leaflet with the rules describes in detail how, with what and for what tokens, checkers, cards and other components of Janod 5 in 1 can be used .

All play accessories are made from safe and hypoallergenic wood and cardboard. Different types of games involve from 2 to 6 participants. The manufacturer promises that such a pastime will help develop the logic and fine motor skills of children.

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A simple yet fun game for the whole family. In the classic version, there are cards with numbers and barrels or dies in a bag. The main task for each participant is to carefully listen to what number the presenter will name and, if there is one on his card, cover it with a wooden square. The winner is the one who is the first to cover all the empty cells on the card.

This is one of the best board games for kids because:

  • does not have intricate rules, everything is extremely clear to children of different ages;
  • allows you to develop observation, memory, attention, logic;
  • there are several ways how you can play lotto, for example, everyone is dealt 1 or 3 cards at once;
  • not only kids, but also dads and mums, grandfathers and grandmothers will play the classic loto with pleasure.

In addition to the standard version, for younger children, you can use a loto with figures , vegetables or fruits . The price of these boards is quite affordable.

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Goki 4 in line

The tabletop resembles the familiar “tic-tac-toe”, instead of which there are multi-colored round pieces in a wooden box. The player has to bypass the opponent and be the first to lay out 4 balls of his color in a row. Moreover, this can be done horizontally, vertically, diagonally.

Why is ” 4 in a row ” in the top:

  • You need to be resourceful in order to lull the opponent’s vigilance, and develop a strategy to literally place the balls under his nose in the right way.
  • You can captivate children of different ages, from kindergarteners to high school students, and even adults are not averse to playing it.
  • You don’t have to study the rules for a long time and constantly look at the instructions.
  • Due to the fact that everything is compactly folded into a wooden box, you can take the igruhu with you on the road and not let the kids get bored on the train or car.
  • There is absolutely nothing to break here, because both the box and the balls are made of wood, there are no moving, poorly fixed or sharp parts that are unsafe for the child.

When buying, please note that the board is designed for a limited number of competitors, namely, only for two.


It is not so easy to hold the falling tower, and if you have to remove the “bricks” from it yourself, then this is already a task for real pros. You need to be smart and think over which side it is better to pull out the wooden blocks from the “skyscraper” in order to place them on its top and prevent the structure from falling apart. But even if it does happen, a loud and unexpected “bang!” does not upset the child in the least. This is an opportunity to rebuild the tower, hone your dexterity and skill, bypass the enemy in a few moves.

It is not for nothing that Jenga is included in the top children’s board games, because:

  • you can play it together or invite a large group of friends;
  • there is an element of excitement and surprise, because no one knows when the tower will finally collapse;
  • wooden blocks can be used in other fun, for example, to build other structures, used to study color and light;
  • it is a great workout for coordination and fine motor skills.

Each block is carefully sanded so that when pulled out, it does not cling or leave splinters on your hands. The colored coating of the “bricks” is abrasion-resistant and does not have an unpleasant chemical odor.

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You can lay out a “snake” or a flat path using squares, on one side of which a classic bitmap is depicted, on the other – funny animals. The goal is to logically continue the row from the squares available to each player. For example, put the same animal next to a lamb. If there is no square with the desired picture, we go to the “bazaar”.

Why you need to opt for dominoes :

  • this is a great way for kids to learn colors, animals, get acquainted with the account;
  • play adults with children or several children;
  • the rules are extremely simple and understandable to everyone;
  • for the game, you can choose one of the sides of the squares: with dots or pictures, which will allow you to play with a kindergartener and a schoolboy.

You can play dominoes together or invite a couple more friends.

Each board from the rating is interesting and may interest a child in its own way. The benefits of these games are undeniable, but which one to choose:

The game Type of Age Number of players
Janod 5 in 1 baby from 5 years 2-6
Lotto children / adults from 6 years 2-8
Goki 4 children / adults from 5 years 2
Jenga children / adults from 4 years from 2
Dominoes baby from 3 years 2-4

The best option is to have several at once, so that the games do not become boring and the leisure time is varied. Considering that their cost is quite affordable, you can gradually replenish your game collection with each of them. Of course, it is important to buy board games by age, otherwise the high school student may get bored, and the kid simply does not understand what is required of him.

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