Audio Conference Calls;10 Tips For Improving Calls

Audio conference call issues and their addresses

Audio conference calls seem interesting when you think there are benefits to your business or social meetings. However, when you think about the problems associated with setting them up and running smoothly, you soon realize that participating in one or participating is quite difficult. There are a number of problems with scheduling a conference call to avoid problems that may fail.

1. Background noise

This is all noise from the participant except their voice, such as speakers, people talking behind them, machine noise, paper noise, and so on. Such noises are mostly for participants who use VoIP because the traditional handset is dedicated and short – microphones, while VoIP works with the microphone that comes with the device, which is more reasonable. For example, there is an array system of microphones that has most of the latest laptops. Some people attend conferences using their devices hands-free.

The only way to remedy this situation is to let participants know about the disruption they are causing, which can best be done from pre-conference communication. For example, as an organizer, you might want to circulate e-mails in a conference call before a meeting.

2. Echo

The echo may be part of the background noise, but it is more technical than that. A conference call participant may have phone conditions or use a phone that does not have echo cancellation. Learn more about how to stop echo production .

Someone with an echo is usually asked to hang up. Therefore, it is important to be aware of some technical issues with telephone calls and other conference call devices in advance.

3. Existence management

In an audio conference call, you use only one of your senses: hearing. You can’t see the people you’re talking to or listening to. This means that if you do not follow every entry and do not reach the conference call, then you can be aware of the audience when you are deep in the conference.

This problem has been the solution for audio conferencing until the development of tools that allow a certain amount of attendance to be managed. The first tool that gives this a chance is UberConference, where you can see who’s talking, when they’re doing it, who’s here and who’s not, and so on. Several such tools have recently come up, some with interesting visual interfaces that represent participants with icons.

4. Music on hold

People usually educate their phone interface for individuals, but never make conference calls. While some people enjoy listening to some music, it is definitely annoying in a conference call. Some participants may put the conference on hold while you are on another call or task, adding a rhythmic atmosphere to the conference. Here, too, the initial information campaign for the ethics conference is valuable.

5. Management

In some cases, if a group does not have a leader, chaos occurs. This is likely to take place at a conference, especially one that involves mental questions where there are no people. This leader should ensure that everyone has enough time to speak and pay the necessary attention. They should also be able to return things in the event of a narrow or even conflict.

6. Materials and documents

Many conferences, especially business ones, refer to documents, materials, and tools. Misrepresentation of such information causes the participants in the dark at certain points, thereby generating interest. Care should therefore be taken to disseminate the necessary information and documents to all parties before the start of the conference. Another and better way is to use web-based collaboration tools, where references to documents and other materials are not only passive, but also active during the web work session.

7. Poor voice quality

I’m not referring here to someone with a sore throat, but someone who uses a phone service that offers poor call quality. This is now often done with a VoIP service, which depends on a number of factors , including bandwidth , codecs used , phones, and other devices used. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this if you are the conference leader or organizer. A participant who has suffered from poor voice quality needs to make things better on their side.


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