10 apps to find cheap gas stations near me

Are you by any chance wondering what are the apps to find cheap gas stations near me ? Here is our selection of petrol apps for finding nearby petrol stations.

The car is the most used means of transport, even in the largest cities, where public transport is efficient, many people prefer to have the freedom to travel by car. However, the convenience and versatility of a four-wheeled vehicle collides with the need to refuel, a condition that can have a significant impact on monthly expenses.

Even if the driving directions allow you to understand where the nearest petrol station is , they do not indicate the prices and the distance. Fortunately, you can download one or more applications for your smartphone that allow you to get a better idea of ​​where the nearest gas station is and at what prices fuel is sold . If you are wondering “ where are the petrol stations near me? We will answer that question in this guide. We also advise you to read the article on expensive fuel: how to defend yourself .



  • 10 Petrol apps to find petrol stations near me Cheap and open LPG, CNG and diesel
    • Fuelio (Android, iOS)
    • Gas Prices (Android, iOS)
    • Waze (Android, iOS)
    • Google Maps (Android, iOS)
    • Fuel Flash (Android)
    • Gaspal (Android, iOS)
    • CNG, LPG and Columns dispensers (Android, iOS)
    • MIMIT Fuel Price Watch (Online)
    • Drivvo (Android, iOS)
    • Gasoline Price (Online)

10 Petrol apps to find petrol stations near me Cheap and open LPG, CNG and diesel

We have compiled ten applications to find the petrol stations closest to your geographic location , selecting those that are updated most often and offer you the most useful functions for your travels in the city.

  1. Fuelio (Android, iOS)

You will hardly find a modern and up-to-date app like Fuelio , it has a very clear and familiar interface. Within the application you will find the function for monitoring the kilometers traveled and fuel consumption costs . The data analysis allows you to take a look at the overall cost graphs and calculate the most useful service stations for refueling , also taking into account the distance you are travelling.

You will therefore not only be able to find the nearest gas station , but also calculate the most useful route to reach it without consuming too much. Click on these links to download it for Android or iOS .

  1. Gas Prices (Android, iOS)

One of the best-known applications is definitely Petrol Prices , which can be downloaded from Android and iOS and allows you to locate the petrol stations along the route you are taking on the map. One of the strengths is to be found in its ability to report the best prices of the distributors , this is due to the real-time reporting of other users .

In addition to the price at which you will find fuel in that petrol station, you can also view the actual cost applied at national level in the app , deciding whether this is in line with what the petrol station closest to you is offering. It is not the most complete software in the world, but in its function of identifying prices it is very accurate and effective. It is also available in the Premium version at a cost of 1.79 euros and is also compatible with Android Auto .

  1. Waze (Android, iOS)

You have surely heard of Waze if you have an operating system without Google services, this application is among the best for satellite navigation , in fact, many replace it with the more famous Google Maps . In addition to satellite navigation for travel, you can also select the Petrol Stations option . With this feature you can calculate the distance between your location and the petrol station , also showing the fuel price on the screen based on the day.

Waze therefore integrates navigation with the possibility of finding a gas station along the way, combining two useful and practical functions. You will find this application for both Android and iOS . Definitely one of the most used car apps and the best speed camera app .

  1. Google Maps (Android, iOS)

You probably already have Google Maps installed on your smartphone, but you don’t know that it can also find the nearest gas station . This application, although it is used by practically everyone, hides several interesting functions , such as that for petrol stations . Launch the software and scroll through the categories, identify the Petrol station item and close it to activate it during navigation.

In the lower part you will be shown all the results that you can sort by distance, then evaluating the detailed information. The only flaw is that not all petrol stations update prices in real time, therefore, you may not see this data. If you haven’t already installed Google Maps, you can do it from Android and iOS . Also find out how to use Google Maps as a navigator .

  1. Fuel Flash (Android)

If you need to find the closest LPG distributor, then Fuel Flash could be for you. Although it is only available for Android , it allows you to search for the nearest petrol pump using the postal code . In addition to showing you the closest distributor on the screen, it also allows you to identify the cheapest one.

However, it should be emphasized that even in this case the prices are not always updated in real time, therefore, you may notice differences once you arrive on site.

  1. Gaspal (Android, iOS)

Among the most interesting software to figure out where the gas station closest to me is Gaspal . This solution displays the map of distributors in the area on the screen and allows you to choose very easily. We emphasize that the map does not show all the petrol stations, but its strong point lies in the fact that the distributors with the cheapest prices are indicated in green , while those with medium and high prices are respectively yellow and red .

With a simple glance you can choose the petrol station you prefer, also calculating the route to take using the integrated navigation. Download it for iOS or Android .

  1. CNG, LPG and Columns dispensers (Android, iOS)

Maybe you have an LPG or methane car and your goal is to identify only this type of fuel, freeing yourself from fossil fuels. To understand the LPG distributor near me, you can focus on the CNG, LPG and Columns Distributors app , available for iOS and Android , with which you can identify the most suitable column or distributor for your ecological car in just a few seconds.

By starting the application, all you have to do is enter the type of vehicle power supply and start the placeholder that has appeared on the map. In addition to LPG and CNG, this app is great for electric cars .

  1. MIMIT Fuel Price Watch (Online)

You don’t like installing applications on your smartphone because it is already full of software or because it has no RAM memory? Then you might as well choose an online solution for identifying petrol stations. By launching your web browser, from a PC, tablet or smartphone, and connecting to the MIMIT site Osservaprezzi Carburanti , you just need to choose the type of fuel you need and order the price level. Then clicking on Search will start the search and you will be able to view the distributors closest to your location on the map.

The number of petrol stations available and the price of fuel , the address and the latest price update will appear on the map . If you use your PC to plan your travels, this website will save you time and money.

  1. Drivvo (Android, iOS)

A valid alternative, especially for LPG petrol stations, is Drivvo . Application designed for those who want to save money and travel several times a year. More than a simple application to analyze and find petrol stations, Drivvo is a real financial manager for your vehicle , as it monitors maintenance and all related aspects .

If you have multiple vehicles, with a single profile you can monitor them without problems from the same app, being able to view on the screen how much money you spend on service stations and fuel consumption . This data will lead you to better evaluate your journeys and save money by eliminating unnecessary consumption. It is available for iOS and Android .

  1. Gasoline Price (Online)

If you need an online platform that serves as a petrol price comparator , then you can opt for the more interesting website Price of Petrol . By accessing the web page you will be able to view the map with the number of distributors and the cheapest price , marked in green. Although the prices are updated constantly, pay attention to the timing, in fact, next to the fuel cost you will also notice the hours that have passed since the last update .

The online comparator allows you to choose the type of fuel and in just a few seconds you’ll be ready to select the cheapest and closest distributor . Very convenient for viewing petrol prices in Switzerland.

Finally, you might also be interested in our guides on car license plate apps and sites for buying cars .


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