10 Amazing Principles Of Effective Teaching

These principles of effective teaching provide guidelines to the teacher as to what methods should be adopted in the class-room to increase the teaching efficiency.Being a complex social and cultural phenomenon, teaching is not as easy as it appears. While teaching, a teacher has to remember many thing like the aims and objectives of his subject, needs, interests of his pupils, the environmental situation suitable for them etc. Hence for helping the teacher, some principles have been designed on the basis of general experiences, and researches. .

A good teacher always wants that his teaching should be effective. He wants that all the students of the class should properly listen to him and try to digest what he teaches in the class. The principles evolved help the teacher to carry on his routine of teaching efficiently. They provide him guidelines and keep him on the right track. They check him from going astray.

Principle of Definite Objectives. While teaching anything, the teacher should first of all fix up some objectives. Then he can select the material, use the appropriate methods and then ultimately ensure the attainment of those objectives. In the absence of definite objectives and goals, teaching may not be called a Purposeful activity. The learners may also deviate and may fail to achieve anything solid.

Objectives may vary from subject to subject and from time to time. Behind teaching of English, the objectives usually lives usually are listening, speaking reading and, writing No m teaching, the objectives should be fixed and then efforts be made to achieve them.

Principle of Model Presentation

The teacher should see that his presentation is really a model one in every way. The personality of the teacher, his behavior, actions should be model. The good  learners want the teacher to the maximum. So the teacher should present all excellences of life which he ultimately wants the learners to acquire in life. Then He Will able to make his learners reach the goals of ideal life. Only his teaching will come out to be worthwhile and profit yielding for the humanity.

Principle of Selection of Material:

Whatever material is to be presented by the teacher should be well selected; it should be in accordance with the aim and objectives of teaching. It should also be according to the likings and the menial level of the learners. Then only it will be digested by the .indents properly. The right selection of material will result into proper teaching and hence desired results.

Suppose the teacher wants to teach composition. For this he selects topics keeping in view the syllabus, mental level of the learners, their teach ability, then learn ability etc. This type of material will make the teaching efficient.

Principle of Gradation. The material which is selected should be graded properly. By gradation we mean which item will come at serial No. 1, which item at the end. While grading the material, The best approach is   simple things will come first and difficult and complicated things will occur at the end. Thus placement of material in graded form will make teaching learning process more effective.

Fascinating Principles Of Effective Teaching Tactics That Can Help You adopting teaching method in classroom

Principle of Activity.

The traditional methods of filling up the minds of the children with a lot of information are useless now. The learners sitting passive in the class are not considered good students. Teaching-learning is a bipolar process. Both the teacher and I ho students should remain active. The ultimate principle suggests: The more the activity of the children occurs the better is the teaching-learning process.

Every subject,  every-topic within a subject can be taught through method. An intelligent teacher tries to involve the maximum number of students in his teaching. That makes guarantied learning by the; students. Moreover, the students do not feel any type of lethargy or boredom

principles of Correlation. Good teaching makes the students feel everything for better life. The learner in the class­room feels as if he is being prepared for better life. A good teacher tries to correlate his teaching with life. He also tries to correlate one subject with various other subjects which the student is expected to study.

.The teacher of English should also teach English in such a way that the student feels that he is becoming a better social being by the study of this subject. He should be enabled to speak English with his parents, relatives, teachers or friends. He should also be able to listen to T.V. Programmes telecast in English. It will give him a lot of confidence.

While teaching one subject the teacher should try to correlate that subject with some other subject which the student studies. It will make his whole studies interesting for him. The child may also get the feeling that the different subjects are preparing him for better life.

Principle of Child Centredness.

Teaching should be made child centered as far as possible and it should not be allowed to remain teacher centered. By child centeredness we mean interest and liking of the student should be given priority while teaching. Subject-matter should be made meaningful for the child.

It should be taught to the ‘child as per his liking and in no case it should be thrust upon him. Thus the child who is not interested in studies should not be compelled to study. He should first of all be mentally prepared for studies. Then only any teaching done for him will be of any use.

Suppose the, child wants to study English.An intelligent teacher is able to deal-with this type of situations very wisely. In the above situation, he initiates teaching English to the child as per his desire but gradually he makes the child shift to the other subject which the teacher wants to leach.

Principle of Cooperation     Teaching learning is a co­operative venture of all concerned. For best teaching, the teacher; the students, the Head of the institution, the parents and everyone’ else concerned with it should co-operates with one another. Then only there is efficient teaching and good learning by the students. Sometimes-the Head of the school does not cooperate with the teachers; the result is poor teaching. Thus, cooperation of the teacher^-the taught and the Head of the Institution forms the basis of efficient teaching-learning.

Principle of Planning. The principle of planning is the sine qua non of efficient teaching. The teacher comes prepared with everything planned before entering into the class. He tries to foresee the problems and he thinks of their possible solutions. Thus the principle of planning helps him to perform his duty of teaching excellently. A good teacher keeps his planning, flexible throughout. He may mould things here or there according to the need and requirements of the learners in different situations.

 Principles of Individual Differences. In any group of students, no two individuals are exactly the same. There are always variations as far as likings and disliking, attitudes and aptitudes are concerned. The teacher teaching the whole group by using one and the same method will fail miserably. A good teacher expects the individual differences among the students. He tries to deal with the students according to their individual differences.

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