Facts About The Importance of Textbook In Teaching

If English is to be taught effectively, we need to know the Importance of  Textbook, which works as a useful tool both for the teacher and the students. It is the textbook, which shows the average teacher of English how to present and drill each new point orally, before he goes on to reading lesson based on it. The purpose of teaching a foreign Language is to enable pupils to use it five language skills in suitable real-life situations.

Nothing can take the place of such repeated practice. Drill in interesting and realistic situations is essential. The big problem is to create suitable situations in which the form to be taught is used naturally and in such ways that the pupils grasp it. Only the highly experienced, ingenious and quick-witted teacher with a very good command of the language can walk into (i class room unprepared and do successful oral work.

Most other teachers become tongue-tied and stand searching their brains unsuccessfully for ideas while their class becomes bored and indiscipline; or they use dull, unimaginative drill work which is all they can think of. To be effective, oral work must be smooth and rapid, without long pauses. All this points to the need for experts to produce material for oral work, and let them do the work quietly and at their leisure. “Only the exceptional actor can stand up on the stage and hold the audience’s attention by improvising: the average actor has to rely on the careful, thorough work of an author and a producer, and he has to spend many hours learning his part.

Similarly, the teacher who can stand up and do interesting, useful oral work without preparation is a rare person: the average teacher, like the average actor, does best when he is part of a team—in his case, the expert text-book writers being his partners.

Why We should know the Importance of Textbook in English Language Teaching

In the words of F. L. Billoms, “a textbook in English is a guide lot the teacher, a memory aid for the pupil, a permanent record of what has been learnt, a generalization of the linguistic experience of a wide area, a centralizing force. It is a means of extending linguistic experience beyond the local scene and the limited experience of the pupil. It is handy for reading purposes. The textbook is the most important visual aid. It should be related to the real world by the teacher.”

Lahill suggests some reliable opinions about text book importance .

  1. Suggestions for presenting each new teaching point in the syllabus in realistic situations.
  • Detailed drills, which he can use for fixing each new point in the pupils’ minds in realistic situations.
  • .material for contrasting the new point with other previously taught ones with which it could be confused.
  • Material for ear and speech training.
  • Suggestions for teaching the early steps in reading and writing.
  • Reading pieces based on the words and structures which have already been taught at each stage.
  • Writing exercises based on the same





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