20 Principles of Suggestopedia In Language Teaching You Must Know

Principles of suggestopedia  are designed to create a learning environment that is highly conducive to acquiring knowledge, particularly in the field of language learning.Suggestopedia teaching method was developed by the Bulgarian psychotherapist and educator Dr. Georgi Lozanov, is a teaching method that focuses on how the mind works and how it can be harnessed for effective learning.

The Sugestopedia teacher is not only a teacher, but an educator and a therapist. He works as a pedagogue, artist, actor, psychologist and psychotherapist. He must have a deep knowledge of the subject he teaches and the method, as well as extensive general knowledge, artistic and musical knowledge and an immense empathic capacity.

Principles of Suggestopedia In Classroom And Teaching.

Principles of Suggestopedia

  1. Learning is facilitated in a relaxed, comfortable environment.
  2. A student can learn from what is present in the environment, even if his attention is not directed to it (“Peripheral Learning”)
  3. If the student trusts and respects the teacher’s authority, he will accept and retain information better.
  4. The teacher should recognize that learners bring certain psychological barriers with them to the learning
  5. Activating the learners’ imagination will aid learning.
  6.  The teacher attempts to increase her students confidence that they will be successful learners. The more confident the students feel, the better they will learn.
  7. When their attention is off the form of the language, and on the process of communicating, students will learn best.
  8. The teacher should integrate indirect positive , suggestions (“there is no limit to what you can do”) into the learning situation.
  9. The teacher should present and explain the ‘ grammar and vocabulary, but not dwell on them
  10. One way that meaning is made clear is through mother tongue translation / / • J. /
  11. Communication takes place on “two planes” : on one the linguistic message is encoded; and on the other are factors which influence the linguistic message. On the conscious plane, the learner attends to the language; on the c subconscious plane, the music suggests that learning is easy and pleasant. When there is a unity between conscious and subconscious, learning is enhanced.
  12. A pseudo-passive state, such as the state one experiences when listening to a concert, is ideal for overcoming psychological barriers and for taking advantage of learning potential oV”
  13. It is desirable that students achieve a state of “infantilization” –having a childlike attitude -so that they will be more open to learning. If they trust the teacher, they will reach this state more easily.
  14. In an atmosphere of play, the conscious attention of the learner does not focus on linguistic forms, but rather on using the language, Learning can be fun.
  15. Errors are to be tolerated, the emphasis being on content, not form. The teacher should use the form a little later so the students will hear it used correctly.

The principles of suggestopedia revolutionize traditional learning methods by incorporating scientific techniques that enhance the learning experience. By respecting psychological comfort zones, engaging the whole mind, and leveraging the power of suggestion, suggestopedia facilitates accelerated learning, boosts confidence, and promotes creativity.

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