Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to the guide of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , the new installment a mythical saga with more than 30 years of history, which this time takes us to a gigantic open world , one of the largest we have ever visited in a video game.

For the feeling to be of total adventure, unlike the vast majority of current games in this adventure they do not take you by the hand, there are not too many indications, tips or tutorials , so we believe that this guide is more useful and necessary than usual .

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Update 11/12: We already have all the information about The Ballad of the Chosen , second and last part of Zelda’s expansion pass:

  • Ballad Main Mission of the Chosen
  • Guard Outfit
  • Zant’s Helmet
  • Ghostly Armor
  • Lobster shirt
  • Ravio’s Hood
  • Ancestral drift
  • Moto Hyliana Alfa

Update 11/10: How to get the Armor of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 .


Update: All about how to pass Legendary Trials , Zelda’s first downloadable content: Breath of the Wild. This is the most important thing about this DLC:

  • Finding the Shrine of the sword
  • How to unlock expert mode
  • Find and defeat the Golden Centaleon
  • Upgrade the Master Sword
  • Finding Majora’s Mask
  • Finding the Kolog Mask
  • Finding Tingle’s Suit
  • Find the Teleporter
  • Finding Midna’s Helmet
  • Finding the Spectral Attire
  • What is the hero’s path
  • Bonus chests

Update: These will be the downloadable content (DLC) of the game .

Frequent questions

  • Obtain the Master Sword and the Hyliano Shield
  • Get Link’s classic green outfit and Dark Link outfit
  • Find all the memories in pictures and all the Sheikah towers
  • How to make a fire and resist the cold , get the lined jacket or get igneous berries
  • How to resurrect horses , how to get Epona , Zelda’s white horse and the Lord of the Mountain
  • Expand inventory and increase hearts
  • Change color of armor and clothing and get Link Wolf .
  • Earn rupees easily and get Elden scales
  • Where are the Zora, Gerudo, Goron and Orni and how to enter Gerudo
  • Running trick and infinite resistance

History and main missions

The kingdom of Hyrule is again under the terror of the mighty Ganon . Link , the protagonist of the story, will be in charge of defeating him once again to save the kingdom and Princess Zelda . We tell you step by step how to progress through the main mode .

  • Head to the right place :When you get to the right place on the map, you have placed the sheikah stone in the terminal and mysterious towers have appeared out of nowhere. Overhead, you’ve heard a woman’s voice again. It seems that it comes from the castle that can be seen in the distance.
  • Beyond the plateau :The old man you spoke to turned out to be King Rhoam; and it seems that the beautiful voice you heard was that of Princess Zelda. Everything points to her still trapped inside the castle, fighting Ganon. The king has asked you to defeat Ganon and rescue the princess. Then he gave you the paravela and it was gone.
  • Talk to Impa :Impa, the current leader of the Kakariko village, has told you what happened a hundred years ago and has transmitted a message from Princess Zelda: Free the four divine beasts. Also, it turns out that the sheikah stone you own is incomplete. Visit the laboratory of the Hatelia village to have it fixed.
  • The Four Divine Beasts :In this main mission begins our search for the four races and their four beasts.
  • Lost Memories :You have informed Impa that you have repaired the sheikah stone and asked her about the photos in the album. It seems that Zelda made them a hundred years ago. Impa believes that if you visit the places listed in them, you can recover your memories.
  • The Fairy’s First Fountain: Help Dangis find the Hidden Fairy Fountain near Kakariko Village.
  • Vah Ruta, water beast :Muzum has informed you that there are electric arrows on Mount Thunder. You can use zora armor to climb waterfalls. Through the waterfall located to the east of the Zora region, you reach Mount Thunder.
  • Infiltration Mission :You have heard the rumor that a man managed to enter the Gerudo Citadel. It should be by the Sekken Bazaar. Talk to people in case someone has seen you.
  • Vah Naboris, Beast of Lightning :Riju, the matriarch of the Gerhard tribe, has asked you to help them appease the divine beast Vah Naboris.
  • Vah Medoh, beast of the wind :Tyto, the patriarch of the Orni village, has asked you to help Teba. Although you’ve agreed to do it, you don’t know where to find it.
  • Vah Rudania, divine beast of fire :Gorobu, the head of Goron City, wants to stop the terrible divine beast Vah Rudania, but his back pain prevents him.
  • Defeat Ganon :The final mission of the game, which they propose to us as soon as they start. The ghost of King Rhoam has told you that his kingdom is about to disappear.

Heroic tests

They are an optional mission type of the game, there are dozens of them scattered throughout Hyrule. We are collecting them all with their goals and rewards.

  • Necluda: Don’t step on the flowers!
  • Akkala: The Left Eye

Side quests

There are several dozen side missions spread across zones. We show you what they are:

  • Necluda :The Lost Cuckoos, Koko’s Recipes, Koko’s Recipes 2, Koko’s Recipes 3, Koko’s Recipes 4, Playing with Rika, A Fiery Request, Upgrade the Sheikah Stone, Sheikah Sensor and Camera, Talk to Rotver , The treasure of Nambod, Home sweet home, The evil statue, The young enthusiast, The wishes of the loved one, The maracas of Obab, The record of the tamer, In light of the fireflies, Sheep thieves, The treasure of the hero , Real estate expansion.
  • Lanayru :A submerged treasure, Letter in a bottle, Collection of gems, The rain calls the frog, The definitive beauty, In search of the centaleon, In search of the giant, A sea of ​​tears, The monuments zora .
  • Farone :Today’s dinner, A treasure under the sea, The invaded beach, A stealthy love, Lightning !, For the hooligans! and Capture the giant horse.
  • Gerudo :Sell ​​me your horse !, Mushrooms in abundance, The disappeared, Elixir against the heat, The eighth heroine, The forgotten sword, A highly valued stone, A very secret club, A for the moldora, The pride of the tribe, Lack Irrigation, In Search of Byrta.
  • Strand :An offering for the fairy, A remedy against the cold, Apples for evils, Bitter honeymoon, Search for Kumeli !, Go for the glaciarok, The shy horse.
  • Great Forest of Hyrule :Fly high, balloon, Whale Fossils, The Power of Ice, The Kolog Trials, The Legendary Rabbit, Riddles over Hyrule.
  • Eldin :Fireproof Mission, Question of Respect, The Secret of the Mountain, A Round Business.
  • Akkala :Mother’s love, Whims of a new rich man, All for my little sister, A suspicious individual.
  • Hyrule Center :The Crude Reality, Going for the White Horse, My Hero !, Recipes for Royalty, The Secret Weapons

All side missions


There are 120 shrines scattered throughout the game, featuring symbols of worth . With these items you can improve health and endurance and they will be essential for Link to be strong enough to advance. We have them all .

If you unlock all 120 shrines you will access the side quest a gift from the monks .

  • Plateau of the dawn : Maonu , Soukeh , Gaddai , Asiph .
  • Twin Peaks : Vashik , Ghiar , Ranhtoe , Ajud , Shibben , Hiddar , Niohr , Oissa , Rahnnak .
  • Necluda : Myam , Tannaoh , Keltsar , Jitahm , Kamur , Daune , Miiz .
  • Lanayru : Astak , Ishokka , Ihloma , Yamiva , Semat , Kiddah , Rukkon , Ayopha .
  • The Lake : Kaoma , Iffush , Tayanke , Nittma , Naagha , Soioh .
  • Farone : Jiihmu , Yamak , Saiut , Antuaka , Soddash , Makai , Adjiva , Sarshii .
  • Gerudo:Yunish , Siomka , Ahiku , Utak , Shiod , Sasaik .
  • The Canyon:Inyo , Heik , Segvik , Kajul , Awak , Hakot , Urokka , Ivoshik , Sumdhi , Meirah , Sassmah , Zumkah .
  • Plain : Jakam , Kasoh , Othau , Bakat , Taiuk , Omudah , Nineah , Asouk .
  • Eldin : Moakh , Tamuur , Raymhi , Ahram , Himot , Dashlak , Oraj , Aguith , Sadal .
  • Tabanta : Neizak , Kovatt , Shaua , Worian , Utedo , Ohyoka Shrine .
  • The Hills : Shaoy , Moratt , Kibaza , Yassa , Norahma , Midraoh , Shiddaz .
  • The forest : Allohk , Irott , Motoah , Iyouk , Mohmran , Nijak , Shokdai , Toviak .
  • Hebra: Aymosh , Marahi , Umkoht , Miyah , Shadad , Savgom , Ahkua , Noihkra , RIMOA , Geshma , Zakkih , Nubbat , Okkim .
  • Akkala: Issuk , Cassut , Izukna , Sidlah , Kensha , Kahoi , Nihmmat , Alhim , Mudka .

Basic tips and tricks to start playing

  • Although the game invites you to explore and lose yourself in its world, we recommend that in the first minutes you follow the story, until you reach the first village, and there if you activate the four main objectives. Once you have passed this procedure, feel free to enjoy its huge open world.
  • Observe the environment carefully; stones on the ground in a circle, a glow at the top of an arch, a vase inside a tree, or anything suspiciously placed on stage can hide a kolog . These creatures reward us with seeds that are necessary to expand our inventory and thus be able to carry more objects. For more details on kologs, visit the ‘Hidden Kologs: Needed to Expand Inventory’ section of the guide .
  • Learn how to use the Frenzy Racemovement as soon as possible , which is done by dodging at the right time, and allows us to perform a series of lethal blows in slow motion. It is a very demanding action and difficult to master, but it is worth it, since it will allow us to face the hardest enemies with guarantees. To learn more about this movement, visit the section of the guide ‘The combat’ ).
  • Collect all the resourcesthat you find in your path, whether they are ingredients from nature, hunting animals or defeating enemies. With these you can make all kinds of food dishes and elixirs , which you will need in many situations.
  • Overcome all the shrinesyou can (there are 120), since this way you get the symbols of worth , and with four of them you can improve health or stamina.
  • If you enter a sanctuary and you get stuck and you are not able to overcome it, do not worry, once you have entered you have already activated a fast travelpoint , and you can return at any time.
  • When deciding what to improve, whether life or endurance, keep in mind that both are necessary; health so as not to die at the first change in confrontations against enemies, the second to be able to climb all kinds of places with guarantees, such as great mountains. Do not worry too much if you think you have wasted these points, later we will find a statue in a village that allows us to redistribute the health and resistance points at our whim.
  • If you come across a very tough enemythat kills you with great ease, run away and leave it for later. Come back when you have better weapons, more health and stamina , but don’t fight millstones. One of the graces of the game is knowing how to measure your possibilities in the face of the different challenges you encounter.
  • Weapons break very easily, so in the first hours you will be constantly changing weapons, do not get attached to any weapon.
  • At first our inventory capacity is very limited, we can carry very few bows, swords and shields. That is why it is important to find the kolog , some small creatures that are hidden throughout the world of Hyrule, and that when we find they give us a kolog seed , necessary to expand the inventory. These creatures are hidden everywhere, so whenever you see a stone pick it up, there may be a kolog underneath, if you see an object I suspect break it, if you see a circle of stones on the ground and you see that there is a hole place a rock in He, and in short, observes the environment with attention, since they hide everywhere.
  • Don’t be obsessed with eliminating all the enemy campsyou encounter, although it is recommended as much as possible because they offer succulent rewards. When a certain event occurs in the game, all the enemies in the world regenerate.
  • When you see mineral mineson stage, especially in mountainous areas, detonate them with bombs as they drop very valuable items. It is one of the most effective ways to get easy money in the first hours.
  • Do not sell the clothes, since later you can improve your own in the sources of the fairies , in exchange for materials. If you form a set of the same type of three pieces (body, legs and head), sometimes additional properties are achieved, so you never know what the potential of a certain garment will be.
  • Don’t waste eating the materials directly (such as fruit or vegetables), and try to cook whenever you can, since the dishes you get have much better properties than the ingredients alone.
  • When you get to one of the regions where the coldhurts you, or fire or heat , to get to the village on duty use elixirs that mitigate the effects of temperatures for a few minutes, but as soon as you get to the town buy the clothing that makes you able to withstand the temperatures of the area. It is a worthwhile investment.
  • In the main mission ‘The four divine beasts’ we can go to the four objectives in the order that we want. We recommend that you go first to the Orni village, in the upper left part of the map, since by overcoming this area they give us a really useful special power, which allows us to take a powered jump with which we can access elevated areas with great ease . This action is going to make things a lot easier for us when exploring, and the other three powers that we can get in the rest of the missions are not so useful.
  • If a stormbreaks out , look at the weather gauge, just to the left of the map and below the time of day. If it is a drop it means that it only rains , which makes climbing difficult since Link’s hands slip on the rock, so when it rains it is better not to climb. If there is a lightning symbol, it means that it is a thunderstorm , so you should quickly unbalance any bow, shield or metal weapon, since if it does not it is very likely that you will be struck by lightning.
  • Whenever you come across a merchant buy arrows, do not skimp on this resource, as it is not easily found exploring, and you will need them for many things. It’s a bum running out of arrows when you need them the most.

The controls

The following control scheme is valid for both the Switch and Wii U versions.

  • Left stick:move to Link, scroll through menus.
  • Right stick:control the camera and move through the menu pages.
  • Press left stick:bend down.
  • Press right stick:to use the spyglass, an object that is delivered to you shortly after starting the game.
  • Crosshead: it isused to select the weapon, shield, arrow or module, holding down an address and selecting with the right stick. If we press low, you whistle to call your horse.
  • A:interact with the environment. During combat, press the A button at the right time while wielding the shield to make a perfect guard. To get on the horse, and accelerate when you are riding. When you are in the air after holding the shield, if you press this button you will slide with the shield.
  • B:Hold it down to sprint. Holster your current weapon or save the paravela. Cancel charged attacks or when you are going to launch an arrow.
  • Y:attack with the weapon. Hold it down to make a charged attack.
  • X:If you are in the air you unfold the paravela. If you are climbing you give a boost. When you swim use it to speed up.
  • A:Wield the melee weapon you have selected. Hold it down to aim, and release it to launch the weapon. It is also used to launch other objects, such as rocks or bombs.
  • ZR:draw the bow. Hold it down to aim and charge, and release to shoot.
  • L:activate the module you have selected.
  • ZL:align the camera in the direction Link is looking. Hold it down to set a nearby target and wield the shield. Press multiple times to change targets if multiple targets are available.
  • More (+):displays the pause menu
  • Minus (-):Shows the sheikah stone, where you can consult the map.

The fight

The battles in Breath of the Wild are more elaborate than in previous installments of the saga, and it is convenient to quickly learn some basic notions.

Important !: Tips for fighting Guardians .


  • Set / Center Enemies:You can set a target you are looking at by pressing ZL, thus moving around it in comfort. To switch between multiple targets, press ZL consecutively. Marked targets are marked with a red arrow.
  • Melee Attacks and Combos:Normal attacks are performed by pressing Y. Each time you press the button, you will perform an attack, although you can also press it quickly several times to perform a combo.
  • Charged Attacks:Press and hold Y to start a charged attack, which will be performed when you release the button. The charging process exhausts your resistance meter, once it is exhausted you will carry out the attack, even if you have not released the button. The charging process can be canceled by pressing button B.
  • The type of charged attack depends on the weapon you are using. With one-handed weapons, you will perform a 360 degree spin attack. With two-handed weapons, Link will start spinning and hitting targets multiple times, until a final blow is struck on the ground.
  • Jump Attack:If you press the attack button when Link is in the air high enough, it will plunge and crash, creating a blast wave proportional to the distance of the fall.
  • Frenzy Race:If you’re dodging with the ZL button pressed, and a moment before you’re going to be hit, jump to the side or back, you’ll activate Frenzy Race, a slow motion action that allows you to deliver a series of especially powerful blows. A very important move to master to face the toughest enemies in the game.
  • Perfect Guard:While you have your shield unsheathed facing an enemy with ZL, if you press button A at the right moment, just when they are going to hit you, you will reject the hit, and the enemy will stagger, leaving you vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Bow Attacks:To fire an arrow hold ZR, aim at the enemy or target, and release it. When you go to shoot at distant targets you have to take into account the fall of the arrow, aiming above the target. Headshots deal critical damage to enemies, and kill most animals the first time. If when you are in the air at a considerable height you press the ZR button to unsheathe the arc, a slow motion will be activated, which allows you to aim comfortably, although meanwhile your resistance exhausts at high speed.
  • Launch Weapons:You can launch any melee weapon by holding down R and then releasing it. If you hit your enemies you always deal critical damage this way, so when a weapon is about to break, throwing it can be a good use.


  • Blocking: You can block enemy attacks by holding ZL with an equipped shield. In this way you can stop almost all attacks, except the most powerful, although you should bear in mind that every time your shield takes a hit it is damaged, until a moment when it breaks. You can get increasingly resistant shields throughout the adventure.
  • Side Scroll and Dodge:To dodge enemy attacks hold down ZL, and by pressing the jump to the side (left or right) or back, you will perform a dodge move. If you make this move at the right time, just before they hit you, you will perform the so-called “frenetic race”, a few seconds during which time slows down and you execute some particularly damaging attacks.
  • Sprinting: Running is always a good solution, keeping the left stick pressed. If you see a danger that you are not prepared to face, it is best to run, but without losing sight of your resistance meter, since when it runs out, Link stands still for a few valuable seconds until he recovers.
  • Perfect guard:as we explained in the attack section, it consists of pressing button A with a button drawn just when you are going to receive an attack, repelling it and leaving the enemy groggy for a few seconds. It is something that we can do so much with arrows, and even with guardian lasers, that we can return them.


The enemies by default are not aware of your presence until they see or hear you, something that is noticed with an icon over their heads. To avoid making noise and being seen, move Link gently with the left stick, and try to walk crouched by pressing the stick. Also use the environment to hide, walking in the tall grass.

When you storm a camp, be careful with the sentries , who are mounted on observation towers and attentive to everyone who approaches. Although enemies are sleeping at night, they always leave at least one sentinel awake and vigilant. If they see or hear you from a distance, a question mark will appear above their head, which will change color until it turns completely red, at which point they will definitely have seen you and will sound the alert.

If you manage to get behind an enemy close enough without being seen, the “sneak attack” icon will appear on the screen, allowing you to carry out a deadly and very damaging attack, which almost always ends enemies in one hit.

Also before assaulting a camp it is convenient to observe the environment very well , since many times we can blow up explosive barrels with a fire arrow, which cause enormous damage, or you can also cut with chandeliers arrows that when falling can detonate barrels.

The different endings and the memories in images

There are two different endings, one standard and the other secret and true for which we have to meet various requirements, including finding thirteen lost memories: first twelve, and then a thirteenth that is unlocked. See how to get all the endings and how to get all the lost memories

Hidden Kolog Seeds

By performing certain actions throughout the map we can find hidden kolog , small creatures that give us a seed. In total there are 900 distributed throughout the game, and with the seeds of kolog we can expand the capacity of the inventory , to be able to carry more melee weapons, shields and bows.

All about the hidden Kolog

Food and elixirs

To cook you must throw a material into a saucepan that is on the fire. The process usually doubles the amount of health recovered for each ingredient, although some items can also provide an added effect, such as cold resistance. We can cook both food dishes and elixirs:

  • All food dishes
  • All elixirs
  • All materials and where to find them
  • Get vivacious durian, the best food in the game

Armor and clothing

In the game we can find, sell and buy several dozen pieces of armor and equipment. We tell you all what they are and their different attributes and improvements. Also, if you want to improve them, we tell you where the four sources of the great fairy are .

All about the clothes

Weapons, shields, bows and arrows

In the game we have three main types of weapons: one-handed, two-handed and spear. In a separate category are bows and their different types of arrows, and in another, shields:

  • All about weapons
  • All about the shields
  • All about bows and arrows
  • How to get all types of arrows
  • Scale and Ceremonial Tridents

Resist the elements

In Breath of the Wild we don’t just fight enemies, and one of the biggest dangers we have to face are the extreme temperatures of some areas of the map, or even unpredictable thunderstorms , which can end our lives if we don’t take enough precautions.

  • How to resist the elements
  • How to resist the cold
  • How to resist fire
  • How to resist heat

Elden, Nayen and Faren dragons

These flying spirits soar through the skies of Hyrule and will give us materials and other perks if we interact with them. We tell you how .

Petrarok, Hinox, Centaleon and Moldora Deputy Chiefs

In addition to the common enemies that we can find scattered throughout the map and the final bosses that we find in the main story, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild there are a series of sub-bosses that are distinguished from the rest, both by their size as his name appears on the screen, warning us that he is a special enemy.

These deputy bosses are the Petrarok, Hinox, Moldora and Centaleon, and we will find them scattered throughout the Hyrule Kingdom, and with different variants of each.

  • All about the deputy bosses
  • Finish off the Centaleons
  • Kill the Hinox
  • End the Petrarok
  • End the Moldora

Compatible amiibo

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is compatible with all amiibo , but its rewards vary. In addition to the Smash Bros. Link reward , which is the Epona horse, we have three different types of rewards:

  • The Legend of Zelda Collection:The amiibo in this collection, both released and new, have different bonuses. For example, the Amiibo Link Lobo makes it appear in the game, while the Guardian gives us metal boxes with equipment.
  • Super Smash Bros. Collection:The five Super Smash Bros. friends who are related to Zelda give us “a selection of items to help you on your adventure.”
  • Other amiibo:The other amiibo in the game give us a random amount of meat or fish.

See all rewards

Curiosities, Easter Eggs and secrets

In addition to the main questions that we solve in this guide, Zelda Breath of the Wild has innumerable secrets, curiosities and Easter Eggs. We are collecting them all in a specific section , but we are also answering other interesting questions like these:


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