Welcome to our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) guide . Throughout these pages we will review all the weapons, objects and vehicles available, as well as the best strategies and tips to win.

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Essential links:

  • Better graphics settings
  • Aiming modes
  • Score and rewards
  • Manage inventory
  • How the circle works
  • Air packages
  • How to understand the map
  • Starting strategy
  • How to report cheats and hacks


  1. Game system
  2. Tips and tricks to play
  3. Game modes
  4. Controls


Game system

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer video game for up to 100 people in which our only objective is to be the last ones alive. This online experience begins on a plane from which we will jump with the rest of the users, without any weapon or protection, so we will have to equip ourselves with what we find.

A few minutes after landing, a circle will appear randomly, delimiting the play area, which will be closed from time to time and will kill anyone left out. This circular closing process will be repeated in smaller and smaller areas until only one player, duo or team remains, depending on the modality.

Tips and tricks to play

Throughout the following pages we will explain some of the best strategies and tips to survive as long as possible.

The jump defines the strategy

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game begins just before the jump from the plane. As soon as it appears, on the aircraft we will be able to see the direction that will follow until we leave the map and, although we will not yet know the location of the play area, we will have to decide intuitively the jump point.

The first thing that we must be very clear about is that there is no better area than another, since in this first stage luck plays a fundamental role. However, we can get an idea of ​​what we are going to find as soon as we land depending on where we jump. For this, before making the jump, and especially if we play in company, we will have to define the quadrant in which we want to land. This is really simple, since the map accurately indicates our location and the corresponding quadrant.

Finally, we will have to choose whether to jump out of the big cities or head straight into the action.

Big cities

Starting our adventure in a large population provides the advantage of getting a multitude of weapons, materials and vehicles. However, although this may be a very important initial advantage, we will quickly discover that many other players have thought the same as us. That is why in these great cities we are going to find many players, something that greatly increases our options to die very quickly.

Taking into account these two important factors, it will be up to us to land in a big city and assume the great dangers that this implies.

In the countryside

The other option when looking for a jump zone is to get away from large urban centers or military bases and fall into the middle of nowhere. This possibility assures us greater tranquility in the first moments of the game, something that will allow us to stock up without much haste. In the same way, those looking for a calmer gameplay will also find the best option here, since there will not be massive confrontations between players.

This option further away from the action also has different variants since, although being outside the cities already presupposes a certain calm, when we land we can choose between small groups of houses, farms or directly the countryside.

Plunging descent

Once we have decided the approximate area in which we are going to fall it will be very important that we are the fastest to reach land. That is why it is recommended to aim down and press the backward key to descend at a higher speed. If we want to look at the rest of the enemies without abandoning this position, we can use the ALT key.

Once the parachute opens it will be time to keep looking down, but pressing the left or right direction button to make a somewhat wider parabola that will make us gain speed.

Without a doubt, being the first to reach the mainland will be essential to start arming as soon as possible.

There are no friends

One aspect that is very important to be clear in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is that there are no friends beyond our companions, so everyone who is close to us will be a potential enemy. That is why, in case of falling in an area with more people, it will be essential to run as soon as possible to a location where we can find materials to supply ourselves. In this way, when we are fairly well equipped it will be time to attack our enemies before they acquire good objects.

Stay hidden

Concealment is one of the most important points in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so it will be essential that we hide in houses to go unnoticed. However, in many moments we will be in the open field and we will have to know how to use the environment so as not to attract attention.

The most logical thing is to always try to position ourselves in elevated areas, since these will allow us to cover a greater space with our gaze and be less visible. If, in addition to acquiring this positional advantage, we are able to hide behind rocks or trees, we will greatly improve our strategic location. To be even more invisible, it is recommended to always squat or lie down, being able to use the camera in the third person to have a more complete and detailed view of our environment.

Low graphics

If we activate the vegetation details to the maximum in the graphic configuration menu we will see that the title looks much better by incorporating more vegetation and leafiness, however, if we want to survive we must leave this section to a minimum.

The reason is that, although we still believe that we are hidden from the enemy, if the opponent has the graphics in low he will be able to see us, since all that additional vegetation will not appear on his screen. That is why, although we have to enjoy a less spectacular experience visually, with this change we will get the most real vision of the battlefield and we will be able to choose with more precision the place in which to locate ourselves.

NOTE: This problem will be corrected in future game updates, so it will not be a problem.

Arm quickly

No matter where we are, the most important thing will be to start looking for areas where we can find weapons, protections and medicines. The most common places will be buildings (large or small), where we can find all kinds of materials. At first it will be essential to equip a firearm and have ammunition, since in these first moments we must protect ourselves from some enemies who are probably already armed.

Among the weapons that we will find there will be pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, grenades, crossbows or knives, all of them useful to defend themselves, although not as effective. With the best weapons we have been able to obtain, it will be time to protect ourselves. For this you will have to find bulletproof vests and helmets, which will offer greater protection according to your level. Another determining factor is to get a backpack, which will considerably expand the spaces available in our inventory.

To complete an equipment of the highest level we will have to find medicines to recover health or enhancers, which will allow us to improve our resistance or standard of living. Undoubtedly, exploring every corner of the locations well will be a fundamental task that we must perfect so as not to attract attention.

Hide the trail

In our tireless search to find the best possible materials for future confrontations, it will be common for us to enter all the houses that are on our way. However, we will have to worry about closing the doors when entering and leaving to hide our trail.

As we move around the map we can quickly see the houses that have been looted simply because the doors are open. This factor, which can serve as a warning for our incursions, we can use to our advantage in case we want to entrench ourselves in a location or if we pretend that the enemy does not know that we have passed through the area.

That is why it is recommended to keep closing the doors in our path and trying to leave as few tracks as possible to ensure that rivals have the least option of finding us.

Move to the area

We have previously said that it is impossible to guess the game area before jumping from the plane, however, after a few minutes a huge circumference will appear on the map that will delimit the action area. This first area is essential, since according to our initial location we will have to face the game in one way or another.

Within the zone

In case of being near or within the game zone we will have the tranquility that we will not have to travel long distances, something that would expose us enormously to other enemies. Thanks to our initial luck, we will be able to calmly stock up and find positions to hide from the enemy, something that we can take advantage of to liquidate all those who, by necessity, are moving towards our position.

That is why being in a safe area guarantees us greater effectiveness in these first minutes of the game. However, when the circle closes again we will have to be very vigilant to move quickly to this new location. In this displacement we will already be somewhat more exposed, unless we have been lucky that the circle closes again in the area in which we are, in which case we can continue to be entrenched waiting for the enemies to come to our position.

Out of the zone

If we have had the bad luck that the playing area is far from our initial situation, we will have to start a somewhat more aggressive strategy that will expose us enormously to enemies. The first thing will be to move quickly to the safe area, since if the electronic barrier reaches us we will begin to lose life very quickly. To move we can choose to run, which guarantees that we do not attract much attention, or use vehicles, which are much faster, but also tremendously noisy.

In case of running, you will have to be very attentive to everything that surrounds us, since many enemies may be posted waiting quietly for their prey. This risky situation is much more evident near the area where the circle closes, since the rivals will be waiting for the unfortunate poor who come running towards the safe area. It is evident that we will be in a delicate situation from which we will hardly be able to escape, however, the most intelligent thing is to try to hide in rocks, mountains or trees to secure the different areas while we move crouched or lying down.

Do not give away the position

In our constant movements we will come across some enemies who will not have seen us, something that we will have to take advantage of. The first thing to be clear about is how many enemies they are and their weapons. Once we obtain that information, it will be time to decide whether to shoot or avoid a confrontation, something that will be conditioned by our weapons and position on the map. In case you choose to finish them, the best thing will be to try to get as close as possible to ensure greater precision and effectiveness in our shots. In case of playing in Duet or Team we can carry out flanking maneuvers to cut possible escape routes.

If, on the other hand, we decide not to act, it is best that we have them located at all times, since knowing the location of the enemies will be essential so that they do not catch us off guard.

The danger of vehicles

We have already discussed vehicles and their great effectiveness in moving quickly. In addition, vehicles allow us to transport one or more companions, something that helps teams move quickly between different points on the map. However, this also causes a big problem, noise. Moving by car makes us tremendously noisy and we will attract the attention of all the rivals around us. In addition, it will be almost impossible to hide, so any player who is a little attentive will see us from very long distances.

It is therefore recommended to use vehicles only in case the play area is very far from our position and we have no other option, since, otherwise, it surely will not take us long to die.

Beware of the bombings

During our trips, red circular areas will appear on the map. These time points indicate that an artillery bombardment will be carried out on the area. This action, designed to prevent players from remaining static in one position, is extremely dangerous if we are inside, so if this is the case we will have to quickly get out of there and hide in another position.

Use the camera

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers the possibility of using the camera in first and third person whenever we want, so we will have to use them in the best possible way. The third-person camera allows us to better control what is around us and interact more efficiently with the covers. However, it is convenient to activate the first person view when we go to shoot, since from here we can better see the enemies and accurately calculate the trajectory of the projectiles.

Another possibility offered by the cameras is to rotate on our own character in the third person while we move, something that we can do if we hold down ALT while we run. Thanks to this option, we will be able to look back without stopping running, something tremendously useful if we are being chased by enemies.

Plunder enemies

When we advance in the game we will find wooden boxes in some locations. These boxes keep the objects that the dead players had, so we can find very high quality materials. Thanks to this we will be able to replenish ourselves quickly, although we will have to be careful because if someone has died there it is possible that the murderer is not very far away, and if we are too long standing we could be the following.

Camouflage clothing

In addition to the clothes that we will unlock as we play, during the game we will also find different types of pants and upper garments (t-shirts, shirts, coats …). These will not have a direct influence on the gameplay, however, it will be very important that we try to use them to hide ourselves. That is why it is recommended to wear dark colors, if possible greenish, in order to better camouflage ourselves. Taking this factor into account, even if we like some garment with striking colors, it is best to leave it so that the enemy is the one who makes the mistake of becoming a walking target.

Sound earrings

To detect or be detected in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the most important thing will not be the sight, but the sound. That is why it is recommended to be very attentive to everything we hear around us. If we are attentive (being even recommended to use helmets) we will be able to hear the approximate distance and direction of the enemy shots, being also very useful for locating cars and the arrival of planes with supplies. Therefore, it will be essential to always be attentive to all the sounds around us if we want to anticipate problems.

Air packages

Another feature of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is that from time to time some planes will fly over the area and launch special supply packs. These will contain weapons, protections and higher level objects, which will be very useful to us to be properly equipped. The problem is that dozens of players in several kilometers around will have seen the plane and the impact zone of the package. That is why these points become tremendously dangerous, so if we want to survive, the best thing to do is avoid getting close to them unless we are very close.

Voice chat

Like any good action and strategy video game, it will be essential to use voice chat to communicate with our colleagues. Thanks to the chat we can coordinate quickly, warn of dangers and exchange objects. Therefore, whenever possible we should use this functionality to make the experience more realistic, effective and immersive.

Shooting positions

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a complete cast of positions that we will have to use effectively to dominate the battlefield. In addition to being able to run, walk or aim in the first person, we will also have the possibility of crouching or lying down, being able to move more or less quickly as we want. In the same way, there is also the option of aiming slightly diagonally to spot enemies without exposing ourselves too much.

Mark target

If we open the map and right-click on a point, a yellow marker will appear that will not only be visible on that map, but also on the outer compass. These brands can also be seen by our colleagues in both Duo and Team mode. These visual indications are extremely useful to define the jump areas and to guide us in our trips around the map.


There are chances that the game will take place in the middle of a strong storm or fog. In the event that this occurs, we will have to partially modify our way of playing due to the reduced visibility in the medium and long distances, in addition to the fact that the sounds will be slightly muted by the noise of the rain and storm.

Use the windows

In case some enemies have barricaded themselves in a house and are well positioned, we will have to use ingenuity to defeat them. The first thing we can do is break the windows, being able to throw fragmentation grenades, smoke or stun grenades to generate chaos inside the building.

Control the fall

The video game has a ballistic calculation system that takes into account the type of weapon, the distance to the target and the weather conditions. All these factors will affect the trajectory of the shot, so we will have to adjust it very well to hit the target. Something similar happens with the telescopic sights, although these will allow us to manually adjust the drop to have a clearer reference of the shooting point.

Break the environment

The precise physics of the video game allow great realism when dealing with the most complicated situations. In addition to being able to break the windows with shots or grenades, we can destroy the doors with bullets to surprise the rival or throw grenades through the broken doors to make everything fly through the air.

Use the hud

The graphical interface provides us with a large amount of information. Probably the most important will be our life bar and the ammunition available for the weapon that we carry equipped (lower central part). In the right area we will find a small map with quadrants to orient ourselves slightly, something that will be complemented by the compass that is located in the upper central part. As additional data we will have in the upper left corner our health and that of the allies, appearing in the opposite corner the people who are alive. Finally, in the central left area, the deaths will be detailed, very important information if we hear shots near us.

Game modes

At the time of playing we will be able to choose between several modalities and, although they all use the same game rules, they substantially modify the way of playing.

Playing solo

The solo mode is the most demanding to master, since we will be the only ones responsible for everything that happens to us during the games. When playing solo we will have to be very quick to find resources, since we will have a greater number of rivals. The rest of the mechanics will be identical, having to use all our knowledge to survive.

Playing in duo

The duo mode offers the perfect balance between coordination and individual ability. In this option we can play with another partner and organize ourselves to register locations faster, exchange weapons and objects, and carry out joint operations when it comes to protecting a point or entering a building. This modality also allows a more effective use of vehicles, since while one is driving the other will be able to shoot.

It is also important to know that in the event that one team member dies, the other will be able to revive him as long as he has not been executed. In addition, in case one of the two is not still alive, the other has the option to end the game and give the duo the winner.

Playing as a team

Squad mode allows you to create teams with up to four players. The large number of members for each set reduces rivals and greatly expands strategies. Conducting ambushes, using multiple paths, or defining attacks in parallel, guarantee a much more tactical experience. In this mode, even more than in a duo, it will be essential to maintain constant communication through voice chat, since otherwise we can easily give away our position.

The use of vehicles is tremendously effective, since in some we will be able to travel with all the members of the team. When entering the buildings, we must be very careful because we can find up to four well-coordinated enemies, something that can put us in serious trouble.

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Finally, as in the duo mode, if one of the team members is still alive, the unit continues participating, being able to win the game with a single member standing.


  • A / W / S / D:direction buttons.
  • M:Open the map.
  • V:switch to first person view.
  • B:modify the shooting style of our weapon between automatic, semi-automatic …
  • Z:lie on the ground to hide.
  • ALT LEFT:rotate the camera without moving the direction of the character. Very useful to check if there are enemies in the area or if they are following us.
  • Q / E:Lean slightly left / right to shoot without exposing yourself to enemy fire.
  • T:chatting in case of playing in Duo or Team mode.
  • CONTROL + T:silence all players in the game.
  • PRESS RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON:close aim view.
  • HOLD RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON –Precision view of our weapon.
  • WHILE WE PRESS RIGHT BUTTON MOUSE + Q / E:aim diagonally without exposing ourselves to the enemy from the first person view.
  • TAB:enter inventory.
  • 1/2/3/4:choose the weapon located in each predefined button. It can be edited from the Inventory.
  • 5:select the grenades. If we have several types of grenades and we press 5 again, we will rotate among the existing ones.
  • GRENADE IN HAND:Right-click to toggle between throwing or rolling.
  • 8/7/9/0:Default keys for healing items. These keys can be defined from the Inventory.
  • RE PAG / AV PAG:adjust the distance from the target when we are using a sniper rifle.
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON ON MAP:Set a yellow marker that will also display on the compass.
  • X:put the gun on our back to run a little faster. It also allows you to cancel the reload animation to carry out other actions.
  • CONTROL + 1 to 6:change seats inside the car. CONTROL +1 is always the pilot’s seat.
  • DRIVING CAR + SHIFT:the vehicle activates a momentary turbo.
  • DRIVING CAR + SPACEBAR:the parking brake is activated.


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