What Is YouTube Premium; How it Works

YouTube Premium  is the service of the well-known YouTube  platform  which, upon subscription, offers its users numerous advantages, from the ability to watch videos without advertising interruptions , even offline , to that of having YouTube Music  available  to listen to thousands of songs at no additional cost. and / or interruption. Read on to learn more about  what YouTube Premium is and how it works .

YouTube , the most famous video platform in the world, founded in 2005, has introduced numerous innovations over time. In addition to the possibility of watching videos completely free, in fact, on YouTube it is also possible to rent or buy films , and to subscribe to a monthly subscription to  YouTube Premium  which gives access to a world of exclusive benefits, such as the possibility of accessing YouTube Music and watch videos even without an Internet connection.

  1. What is YouTube Premium
  2. How YouTube Premium works
  3. How much does the YouTube Premium membership cost?

What is YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium  is the YouTube  service  that, upon monthly subscription, gives its users the possibility to access many exclusive benefits, not available in the free version of the platform. By subscribing to  YouTube Premium , in fact, it is possible to have access to  YouTube Music  ( YouTube ‘s music streaming platform) and all the videos available on YouTube  without commercial interruptions, even offline and in the background.

Here are, in detail, the benefits included in the YouTube Premium membership :

  • Watch YouTube videos without any commercial breaks,
  • Download videos and playlists to be able to play them even offline,
  • Use YouTube in the background,
  • Discover thousands of songs thanks to  YouTube Music,
  • Listen to millions of songs without any commercial break,
  • Download songs to listen to them offline,
  • Use YouTube Music in the background,
  • Listen to music offline and without interruption on the YouTube Kids app  .

How YouTube Premium works

In order to use  YouTube Premium  and have access to all the benefits it offers, you need to subscribe to a monthly subscription and download the  YouTube  and  YouTube Music applications on your mobile device.

Both applications are available  completely free of charge  for both devices with an iOS operating system and for devices with an Android operating  system.

Here are the steps to follow to sign up for a YouTube Premium membership :

  • Visit this page or open the YouTube app  ,
  • Log in with the credentials of the Google  account  with which you want to subscribe,
  • Enter the required data,
  • Start your one month free trial  .

To be able to view the details of your subscription you can visit this page . All new customers who have never tried the service can try  YouTube Premium for free for one month . At the end of the trial period, your subscription will automatically renew, but you can cancel at any time. Additionally, YouTube sends all subscribers a reminder seven days before the end of the free period.

How much does the YouTube Premium membership cost?

YouTube Premium  offers users three different types of subscriptions: the  classic plan , the  family plan  and  the student plan . The student pass (valid only for eligible students with annual verification) and the family  pass (which can be used by up to 5 members over the age of 13 and living in the same home) are designed by the platform to allow you to save with incredibly affordable offers.

at € 11.99 per month

at € 17.99
 per month

at € 6.99
per month.

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