SimulWatch;How SimulWatch works

SimulWatch is the application, available for  iOS  and  Android,  for shared viewing of films available on legal streaming platforms. With this app you will be able to find films to watch with your friends even from a distance and comment on watching them in real time. If you’ve heard of it and would like to know more, read on to find out in detail what SimulWatch is and how it works .

Over time the cinema experience has changed, bringing many different theaters into the homes of everyone, always available thanks to streaming platforms. This, combined with the public’s desire to comment on the title just seen with other fans, has led to real meeting places on social media, and to applications and functions created to share the viewing experience even at a distance . Among these is Video Party , the new function of  Amazon Prime Video  and  SimulWatch , the application available for free that allows you to create public and / or private views to watch and comment on movies in virtual company .

What is SimulWatch

SimulWatch  is the free application for mobile devices with iOS  and  Android operating  system  that allows you to share watching movies, present on legal streaming platforms such as Netflix , Prime Video ,  Tim Vision, Rai Play, Disney + , NOW TV ,  Infinity , Rakuten , Google Play , Chili and iTunes , with anyone you want, giving you the ability to comment in real time.Within the application it is possible to search for films, complete with information on the platform on which the title is available, on the price and on the resolution, and to create public and or private visions, setting a real appointment.

With the  private view  access to  the shared view  will be allowed only to the friends you decide to invite, while with the  shared view  all SimulWatch users  will be able to take part in the appointment you created.

** Warning ** on  SimulWatch  it is not possible to  watch movies in streaming , but only to create chats and appointments to comment  live on the vision. In order to watch the films, both you and the people with whom you intend to share the vision must  have a subscription to the platform on which the chosen title is available.

How SimulWatch works

Now that you know in detail what  SimulWatch is , let’s see together how the well-known application for  shared vision works .

Here are the steps to follow to start using the app and invite your friends to a  private and / or public view :

  • Download the free application from the  AppStore  or  PlayStore,
  • Log in or register to the application (you can decide to register with Facebook , Google , or enter your data),
  • Accept the  Terms and Conditions,
  • Enter your phone number (to create shared vision  groups  with the contacts in your address book registered with the application),
  • Personalize your experience by choosing your favorite streaming platforms, the target audience for which you use the application ( Adults, Family, Kids ), your favorite genres, your favorite film season and the nationality of the films you prefer,
  • Search for a title or actor in the search bar (with the magnifying glass symbol),
  • Select the title of your interest,
  • In the window containing the  Movie details select the icon at the top right,
  • Choose whether to create a Public or Private viewing group  ,
  • Allow  SimulWatch  to access your contacts,
  • Choose the day and time you prefer,
  • Select the item  Create Group,
  • Write some information in the space provided to share with friends and select Create Group again  .

You can find the group view you created by clicking on the save icon located at the bottom right, next to the lens icon. Here you can see the participants in the  vision  and, by clicking on the appointment, write in the chat and / or send  GIFs. It is also possible to silence the group by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top right.

When you join an existing viewing group, instead, which you can find in the Public Visions section  , by clicking on the word  Join group,  you can select the reminder option, which sends you a notification ten minutes before the start of the viewing. The vision groups you belong to are always found in your  profile,  under the heading My Groups.

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