Yokas. Short, refreshing and alcoholic drink for those who are enemies of alcohol or do not like to drink it.


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The cocktail


Of organoleptic quality, it is a drink that is prepared with Ayote or squash , of a short type.


  • Pulp ayote 2 oz
  • Pulp of cas 1 Oz
  • Sugar Syrup ¾ Oz
  • Ice 4 Cubes

Preparation method

Add all the ingredients in the blender and blend at medium speed. Serve in the indicated glass.


The ayote is a family of the pumpkin .

Ayote or Pumpkin

Ayote . Cucurbita argyrosperma is an annual creeping herbaceous plant,

of the cucurbit family, native to southern Mexico . (From Nahuatl Ayotli ‘pumpkin’).
1. m. Central America. and Mexico. pumpkin (‖ fruit).
2. m. Costa Rica and Honduras. Silly person.
3. m. El Salvador and Honduras. Head of a person.
smoke on ~. 1. loc. verb. Honduras. Go wrong something. give ~ s. 1. loc. verb. Guatemala. to give pumpkins.


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