Opening our hearts to put our feelings on paper is not as simple as it seems. Knowing how to write a love letter to make that special person fall in love can be a difficult job when the ideas are not clear or it is difficult to be original in the writing.

However, we want to show you a series of essential keys for your love letter to impact and reach the heart of your partner. Do you want to know how to write a love letter for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Keep reading and you will do a job of ten!

How to start writing a love letter step by step

When thinking about how to write a love letter, it is essential to consider two aspects: the format and the content.

The following points will be important for the text format:

  • Choose a nice paper. Flee from the squared sheets or simple sheets. Choose some pastel colored paper or a white sheet with decorated corners. It will give a much more sentimental feeling.
  • Perfume the paper. Better if you do it with your perfume. In this way, the letter will always remind you and will not stop thinking about you as you read it.
  • Always write by hand. Even better if you do it with a fountain pen instead of a pen or pencil.
  • Find a nice envelope . In it, you must put her name and some romantic message: an ‘I love you’, a phrase that identifies you, the title of a song or an extract from a poem.

Once you have prepared everything related to the aesthetics of the letter, the time will come to get down to work and start writing . Yes, that is the most complicated, but we also have a series of tips that will not fail you:

  • Take your time. The worst enemy of a good love letter will always be a lack of time. Therefore, it is important that you look for a place that produces tranquility, take a drink and do not write without thinking.
  • Make a first draft. A simple list of those things that cannot be missing from your letter will suffice for the final text to be perfect. Thus, you will not leave anything in the inkwell.
  • Talk about your past. How did you meet, how did it feel to see him, how were your first dates, those problems that you have already overcome and that strengthened you… It is always exciting to remember good times and how it all started to see how far you have come.
  • Talk about your present. How you feel at her side, what you like to do together the most, what she contributes to your life at this moment… The past and the future are important, but the present is more so. Don’t forget to talk about the here and now in your romantic letter.
  • Talk about your future. Lastly, think about your future together, about life together, family, travel … It is exciting to tell you how you see your relationship over the years. Fancy the name of your children!
  • Sign the letter with your name and an emotional phrase. You can never miss your name at the end of the letter and, of course, a ‘Forever’ or something similar that puts the end to an experience full of feelings.

Tips for making a romantic letter

  1. Reflect . Do not take the paper at the first change. It is better that you first reflect on your relationship and reflections on what makes you feel.
  2. Get inspired . You can read poetry, watch a love movie or listen to songs that touch your heart. That way, your feelings will surface more easily.
  3. Be natural . Even if you take romantic examples, it is important that your text is as natural as possible. This means that it knows that you have written it and that you have not copied anyone.
  4. Think what you would say to him if you could never see him again . Although it may seem a bit tragic, it is a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows that they will never be able to see that special person again.
  5. Rewrite . If you are not totally satisfied with the result, write your love letter again. In this way, you will correct possible mistakes and it will reflect your feelings one hundred percent.

We hope that our advice on how to write a love letter for that special man or woman in your life will help you. Leave us any comments or suggestions in the comments! We love reading and helping you where we can. Let’s start writing!


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