Write A Report On Beggars And Begging

We Will Write A Report On Beggars And Begging. Begging is a complex and multifaceted issue that exists in societies around the world.

Write A Report On Beggars And Begging


The Director General.

Social Welfare Department.


From Social Welfare Office

Subject Beggars and begging in the Main Bazaar of City ABC

Sir,                             *

I have been asked by you to submit a report on the beggars and begging in the kutchery bazar of our city ABC. On the receipt of your orders, I visited the bazar and found many type of beg- gajts there. These beggars can be classified as under.

There are present a large number of professional beggars in the bazzar. The make sentimental  cries and beg in the name of religion and morality. They recite the verses of the Holy Quran and sing religious songs.

They make heart rending appeals  Some of them are quite healthy but they pose to be sick There are some others who have broken their arms or legs. They sit on carts pulled by some strong and healthy man. Some of them creep and crawl on the road. They are seen frequently in the bazzar. The passers by take pity on them and give them something in charity

Child Beggars

The child beggars pester everyone. They belong to poor and down trodden families. They are quite young and tender. Whenever a car is parked, they rush to the owner of the car and beg some alms from him. They are very large in number. It is pity that instead of going to some school, they are sent by their poor parents to beg.

Genuine Beggars

There are only a few beggars who are genuine non-professional. They are really needy and poor people. Some of them are widows and others are old, weak and disabled ( persons who cannot work.


  • It is suggested that begging should be prohibited (t/c ) by law.
  • The disabled and weak beggars must be kept in charitable ( institutions. They must be given some light work like knitting, washing, cooking etc.
  • The professional beggars must be arrested and set to some work.
  • The real and needy beggars should be properly helped. Child beggars should lx* sent to school and government should look after them.

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