Working from home and making money? Here are 20 ways

If your goal is to work from home, here are 20 ways to make money.

Without a precise idea, however, you have no chance to start your online business.

There are many ways to make money online, the only really fundamental aspect and to do it continuously until it becomes a real business.

One thing is for sure out there is full of people looking for information and the first step is one of the biggest challenges.

You may find yourself wandering the internet in search of a creative run to follow.

Look no further, I have put together 20 ideas to create an online business, you can start now too.

Obviously, there is a need for great perseverance, not everything is as fast as you think, indeed at the beginning it is frustrating to see ridiculous numbers but time and perseverance always reward online this is the only guarantee that I feel I can give you. Obviously these are only 20 ideas for making money online  (many of which have not been tested by me. I can’t do everything) but this list can give you a starting point.

  1. Open your Listicle blog.
    The recipe is simple: search for interesting, exciting or inspiring stories on Facebook and rewrite them in the form of a detailed article. Create your site and publish the articles. There are a few Listicle blogs, but the fact that was sold for $ 100 million should motivate you enough. Even if it seems like a simple business , monetizing your site could be a real challenge; but if you have knowledge of SEO and AdSense, you have a good chance of success. With a fair promotion, you will be able to get many visits monthly, since we cannot do without these stories. The brain is very attracted to it.
  2. Enter the domain business.
    Although you might think that the best deals were made long ago, the domain business is still a thing. Many people buy and sell domains to earn money, like in small investments. With some research, you can get an idea of ​​which are the most famous domains, this will help you buy domains that you can sell for profit. Search for domain auctions on the internet, where you may find names already sold. It is very likely that you know the next domain guru, who can make profits with just a few clicks, from home.
  3. Are you a developer? Sell ​​app!
    Smartphones are everywhere and anyone uses quality applications. Now if by chance you didn’t understand it candy crush was developed in Rome by an Italian web agency. Do I have to remind you how many millions of euro bill? In case you feel ready for a challenge, start building apps. Think about a problem and create your solution this problem-solution combination is the best way to make moneyalways, online and offline. With a couple of clicks you can enter it in the Play Store and start selling it. Check the current trends and start developing it. Overall, building apps is good business, because if you do it right you can make big profits. You may need some time before you can get things right, but in the long run, apps can give you the success you’ve always dreamed of; exactly how well-functioning apps can give you thousands of reviews per month. The trend is the right one app for smartphones, tablets, whatches, glasses … they will come out soon for smart TVs. Of course you need to train but it is a business that consequently brings other jobs.
  4. Sell ​​your images.
    If you are good at designing and creating unique images, you could simply start selling them. There are many sites that offer the opportunity to sell your images in the form of t-shirts, bags, mugs, etc. The only thing you need to be careful about is keeping your printable creations. Once the sale has started, you will receive a commission for each piece sold. You don’t have to worry about shipping or printing, the only thing you’ll be asked to do is upload the images. Registration is free, there are usually no taxes, but before you start you need to think about your brand. It is always a difficult decision to have an eye-catching name as people shop. Creating your brand and selling creative images makes you get a better reputation, which leads to better sales.
  5. Become a freelance.
    There are numerous professional platforms on the web, where you can start your freelance career. ProntoPro has recently appeared.These sites ensure that companies have that extra help to make their project a success, while helping freelancers build their reputation by applying themselves to various projects. Starting from the graphic design, to the translations, or to the programming of the daily jobs, you will find various projects you can join. Build your rockstar profile and start building your business.
  6. Create websites.
    If you are able to code, offering a website creation service can earn you a lot of money. Create your website and describe the services you offer, advertise them on social media and start a marketing campaign. Watch out for the latest trends and keep up to date to get noticed by as many customers as possible. The world of web design is constantly changing, so you will always need to learn new things. You can get an idea of ​​the latest fashions in web design by doing a simple Google search.
  7. Create WordPress themes.
    Another option, if you have web design talent, is to create your WordPress theme and sell it. Italian companies have invoiced millions of euros on As many people are looking for simple solutions to create their position online, WordPress themes are very popular. You can sell designs on numerous sites and make money easily.
  8. Become a blogger.
    Although it seems impossible to profit from a blog to date, many people do. If you have a passion for writing and are motivated enough, you can give the blog a chance. Building your personal blog does not require technical skills, although receiving traffic is a different matter. Choosing a topic is always difficult, if you are expert in something you should decide to share your thoughts to help other professionals. Whatever your central topic is, you will need to invest some time to get an audience to follow you. This will ensure that you can promote other brands, build relationships with other professionals and make profits. The world of blogs is very competitive, but if you are good at words, you can profit from it.
  9. You have no products to sell? Sell ​​other people’s products! Become an affiliate marketer.
    If you want to earn money online and would like to do it without developing any products, becoming an affiliate may be your best choice. Amazon and Ebay are two of the companies with the largest affiliate program, where the only thing you need to do is drive traffic to their site and encourage people to buy. Upon completion of each sale, you will get a commission and the maximum cap is 8.5%. You will also generate profit with users who sign up from your links, you can either create a site for the specific type of product or add links to your existing blog or site.
  10. Start of E-commerce.
    Shopify and Woocommerce make it easy to organize your online store. In case you have a product in mind, you can simply start selling it online. There are many sales methods such as: direct delivery from the manufacturer, which saves you from headaches when it comes to setting aside or delivering products.
  11. Social media expert.
    With the growing social population, companies need professionals who can handle multiple social networks at a time. Search for classified ads for social network consultants / experts and be prepared to create a marketing plan for the company. If you already have professional experience and know how to turn social connections into customers, this may be the best choice.
  12. The stock market.
    The stock market is considered a risky investment, however there are numerous success stories all over the web. In case you have experience this could be a great opportunity to start your online business. By trading foreign currencies you can earn considerably, however, it is always advisable to start small.
  13. Sell ​​the spaces on your website.
    If you already have your own blog or website, you can work with advertisers and sell part of your page. You can earn money every time a click is made on the ad posted on your site. The CPC (cost-per-click) model is based on the level of traffic to your site and the CTR (click-per-rate). You can further improve your profit by using SEO tools and Google AdSense. There are numerous other tools that can help you maximize your potential advertising and make big profits.
  14. Ghost Writer, and Ghost Blogger
    Keeping a blog alive you know is a commitment. You have to write a lot of articles and long ones especially if you want to obtain an almost sure success. For this you can write articles for others and get paid for it. In short, you can make money by writing . If you want to focus exclusively on writing without worrying about the various marketing aspects of online business, you can write for other sites or blogs. Topics that require special knowledge (marketing, legal, pharmaceutical etc.) will make you earn more than other projects. You can become a content writer or editor. Freelance writing is becoming increasingly popular, so if you have a knack for writing, you should consider this new career.
  15. Become an online marketing expert.
    Do you have experience with SEO? Do you know what SEM is? You should make a career in the world of web marketing. Once a site has been optimized for SEO and is full of valuable content, it’s time for SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In case you have experience and professional knowledge on web promotion techniques, there are many chances that you can start an online business. There is a large group of potential customers out there. Plus, you have a chance to make a huge profit!
  16. Share your knowledge.
    Webinars have taken online education to a new level. If you are an expert on something, you can share your knowledge online and get extra income in your spare time. There are numerous platforms on the web that offer courses on various topics, and allow professionals to enroll as online tutors. Take a few hours a week to share your knowledge and you will get a new passion and a new profit.
  17. Sell ​​quality photographs.
    The era of archived photos is slowly ending, web designers aim to present unique and quality photographs. If you are a passionate photographer, you have many options for selling your photo online. Putting quality material on the web will bring you a big profit, and if you also focus on creating your brand, you can get more profit.
  18. Become a virtual assistant.
    Since all companies need a helping hand to manage their administrative tasks, there is a great chance of becoming a full-time virtual assistant. This type of work, from home, will give you flexibility and will not bore you, as virtual assistants have to deal with different types of tasks. If you have a phone, an internet connection, a skype account and some office experience, you could start right away.
  19. Create content videos.
    The popularity of videos is increasing, especially if it is web marketing, if you have experience with content videos, you can definitely create a business. Offer video packages to potential customers and search for online projects to participate. From the videos you can make a huge profit, but only if you have the right technical requirements, marketing skills and knowledge.
  20. Podcast / Youtube channel.
    Are you an entertainer? Well, it may be time for you to hit the virtual world and show people what you can do. With the growing popularity of podcasts and YouTube channels, you now have the opportunity to build an audience and share your ideas. If you are planning to comment on daily events, or would like to create gameplay videos, it is possible with a few clicks. There are millionaires who got rich thanks to the online community, so don’t be afraid to show up and let others appreciate your talent.

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