Work Is Worship,5 Facts You Must Know

Work is Worship is a perfect quote for all human being.This article about work worship is very important for students, teacher,and every professional.We Must Understand The True Concept of Work,so that we may get high success in Life.

Work Is Very Close To Nature

Works is indeed God’s gift. Without it life will become meaningless, flat, a veritable, nothing less. Work here, does not stand for every sort of activity. Only useful and noble activity is blessed. Negative action is a curse. Work of Carlyle’s conception who is the or of the saying in question is something positive and constructive, soever, low or mean it may be in the eyes of the public. The sweeper’s work is as much sacred as that of either a lawyer or a lecturer.joseph Conrad rightly remarked: “A man is a worker. If he is not,he is nothing.” In fact, a man cannot live without work.

Work Is Worship,5 Facts You Must Know

 Work Is Worship Has Been The Real Secret of Great Men

Great men believe in work hard work and long hours of work.A busy man is a healthy man. Idleness tells upon health. According to the more intelligent rich men work nearly as hard as if they were poor, while rich women for the most part keep themselves busy with innumerable, trifles of whose earthshaking importance they are firmly persuaded. Even the superannuated persons do some sort of work in order to avoid boredom and sickness. “Men do not break down from overwork, but from worry and dissipation”. Work always generates optimism. All growth depends upon activity. It is work that to self-discovery and self-confidence.

Our Life Demands Work And Action

In fact life is action and not contemplation. Man’s worth is only determined by his actions. Not only to know, but to act according knowledge, is the destination of man. Mere brooding will not do; all ambitions are empty unless materialized. For example, Churchill was a man of action and he is immortal because of his action. One should look before on leaps; but leaping is more important than looking. Life consists in leaping, rather than in looking. One should be a hero in the strife. One should work and work and in work forget the worries a cares of this mortal existence. Work has an ennobling effect on m A worker never fears anybody.

Work Is Worship,5 Facts You Must Know

We Live In Work,Not In Isolation

One should work for the love of work and not for money on Work man must. It will be better if he works gratefully and n grudgingly. He should work as a man and not as a machine. He should put his heart and soul into his work. In short, he should enliven it.Work done in the right spirit leads to happiness. Says Bertrand Russell, “consistent purpose is an almost indispensable condition of happy life. And consistent purpose embodies itself mainly in work. Those journalists who write as they feel derive more pleasure from their work than those who are forced to write insincerity and for the ideas to which they don’t subscribe, for a few dollars.

According to Russell, one of the foremost thinkers of o time, two chief elements make work more interesting: first the exercise of skill and second construction. “Every man who has acquired so unusual skill enjoys exercising it until it has become a matter course”. A newly enrolled actor for three or four years takes a lyrical pleasure in doing his role. And then constructive work provides with more joy than destructive one. In constructive work “something is built up which remains as a monument when the work is completed.Happy is the man who like Lenin produces order out of Chaos or like Sir sayyid Ahmad Khan goes from door to door, bearing torch of peace and nonviolence before a war-torn and disillusioned world. In destruction there may be joy, but that emerges from and is short-lived, and less satisfying though fiercer. Great artists scientists do work which is in itself delightful.

Conclusion,Why Work Is Worship For Mankind.

Each morning sees some task begun,

Each evening sees it close;

Something attempted, something done,

According to Holy Quran and “If any would not work, neither should he eat”.Surely work is divine. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, God is there where the tiller is tilling the hard soil and the path-maker caking the stones. In fact, God is work and work God.

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