Why Distance Is Good For Relationship And Love

Why Distance is good for relationship and love this is the question that you might be thinking.Distance imparts a beauty or a halo to an object which otherwise is not an integral part of it. A rough painting or a rugged hill, when viewed from a distance, provides a charming spectacles closer sight or examination of either of the two may disillusion or disgust you. Distance, often, conceals the oddity and crudity of a thing from one’s sight. It transfers a new lustre, as it were, to objects and phenomena. They are softened, rounded and rendered doubly There are mists, too, as in the natural horizon, to conceal which is less pleasing in distant objects.”

“Why do those cliffs of shadowy tint appear. More sweet than all the landscape near?

It is distance lends enchantment to the view And robes the mountain in its azure hue.”

Distance Creates Beauty And Love

Why Distance Is Good For Relationship And Love

Familiarity breeds contempt. A boss who maintains a romantic distance between his subordinates and himself is always held respect. A principal who is always very much accessible to his students even in trivial matters and freely mixes with them is little heeded and respected. Distance is essentially romantic and gilded.

What Everyone Must Know About Why Distance is good for relationship and love

Again Kashmir may be a paradise for us who live at a distance; but it is not in the least fascinating for the natives who fail to understand why people of the plains flock there in lakhs. So it is distance that makes a difference. Delhi, the capital of India, may not be so beautiful and promising for a resident of Delhi; but it will be certainly the prettiest and the most thriving city for a person, living at a distance, who has not seen it for himself. Though Agra of Taj Mahal is a mediocre and commonplace city; yet because o£ the distance which separates them from Agra, many foreigners labour under the wrong impression that Agra must be as exquisite and grand as Taj Mahal.

The Concept of Distance has been explored by many Literary Writers

“Unheard melodies are sweeter than heard ones.” (Keats) As Wordsworth tells us, they are made more sweet by distance. One keeps on guessing their quality and very soon reaches the conclusion that they must be sweeter and more soothing than the melodies he. had already heard. Once they are heard, one’s curiosity is satisfied and one comes to believe that there was nothing so distinctive and attractive about them.

It Strengths Friendship

“Distance sometimes endears friendship and absence sweeten it—for separation from those we love shows us, by the loss, their real value and dearness to us.” There is a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It contains ample truth in it. Separation, you may call it distance, makes us realize the full value of our beloved relations.

Conclusion Why Distance Is Good For Relationship And Love

 And then me question arises why the poets and other writers arc attracted towards the past and seek their inspiration in either the Middle Ages or the Greek mythology or both of them. The answer is very obvious and clear. The present which is so near fails to allure them; the past which is so distant enchants their view and wins them over. The example of Keats is conspicuous. He always looked back and the colour of the middle Ages and the spirit of Greek mythology excited him as nothing else did. Rousseau cried, “Back to nature.” Matthew Arnold swore by the ancient writers of Greece.

So Dryden was right when he remarked that all objects lose by too familiar a view. Though familiarity may not breed contempt, it takes off the edge of admiration.” “When a man becomes familiar with his goddess, she quickly sinks into a woman.” Fuller has a note of warning for us. He says, “Be not familiar with the servants. At first it may be got love, but in the end it will breed contempt.’They should be kept at a romantic distance

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