Women’s running shoes: learn how to buy

One of the most practiced sports in the world, running stands out for all its facilities. To run, the user does not need much more than tennis and free time. Just choose the best shoe to exercise and go out to parks and streets at available times.

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However, choosing the ideal shoe can be difficult for beginners, since it is difficult to identify which is the best shoe for exercise. If the race is done with a shoe that is not prepared for this or that does not have shock absorbers, it is possible that there will be injuries with time, such as knee, back pain and even a sprain in the foot during the race.

When choosing shoes , it is worth identifying the type of step, as the impact of the step varies from person to person. Overall, there are three types of footsteps Neutral , supine or prone ) and therefore the shoes are made with shock absorbers in different locations. There are those who step harder on the external or internal side of the foot, and there are those who step in a balanced way. It is possible to identify the type of step with an orthopedist or an expert on the subject. (Infographic | What is the ideal shoe for your type of step?)

Brands and prices

Running shoes are increasingly technological and comfortable to offer the best conditions to any type of runner, from beginners to marathon runners. To acquire the ideal shoe, it is worth identifying the cushioning characteristics and trusting the brands that are experts in this matter.

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Nike , Adidas , Mizuno and Asics are the most famous and best-selling brands for runners. The sneakers have good cushioning and guarantee a better running experience, in addition to preventing injuries caused by shoes inappropriate for the activity. For beginners, the Asics brand is the most recommended, the sneakers are exclusive for women, reduce sweat on the feet, have good cushioning and are lighter.

Overall, sneakers can range between R $ 199.00 and R $ 1,000.00 with Adidas being the cheapest and the most expensive Nikes. See below the price range for each of the main brands of running shoes. (What is the best running shoe?)

  1. Mizuno:R $ 299.00 to R $ 799.00
    2.  Adidas: R $ 199.00 to 499.00
    3.  Nike: R $ 259.00 to R $ 1.000.00
    4.  Asics: R $ 299, 00 to R $ 1,000.00

Women’s Running Shoes

Where to buy?

Those who want to buy running shoes over the internet will certainly have more ease with the purchase, as it is possible to place orders with a few clicks and receive the product at home. The only disadvantage is that on the internet there is no way to try tennis, however, if you get the number right it is likely that there will be no problem.

The most suitable is to invest in sites that specialize in women’s running shoes . These sites present detailed descriptions of the product’s characteristics, in addition to having specific categories for those looking for an exclusive running shoe. In this way, it is possible to choose the desired shoe safely.

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See the main sites :

  • NetShoes: Specializing in shoes, NetShoes is a popular sales site that offers running shoes at great prices. It is possible to do a search for “indication” on the website, which allows the user to check all special running shoes and the characteristics of each one.
  • Passarela.com: The Passarela website is also one of the largest online stores for selling shoes. The site is organized and shows running shoes in a specific category, in addition to providing even more detailed information, such as the type of step and precautions.
  • Procuir: A website specializing in running, Procorrer provides security when buying because it is a virtual store that sells exclusive products to runners. It is possible to find men’s and women’s sneakers and all possible information, in addition to checking user comments.

Running benefits

A free physical activity that only requires willingness, running is recommended for people of all ages. The activity only has health benefits, especially for those who are looking for effective methods to lose weight. However, beginners should be careful with the pace so as not to exceed the limits of resistance. See below the main advantages of the race:

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  • Running is one of the most simple and beneficial physical activities for the body, as it prevents a number of diseases and helps with weight loss.
  • As an aerobic activity, running speeds up metabolism and causes fat burning to occur even after exercise.
  • Running also helps improve brain oxygenation, which benefits the mind and allows for better performance and productivity.
  • When practiced frequently, running ensures more physical endurance and daily disposition.
  • Exercise is one of the best in combating stress, as it causes relaxation and increases the daily mood.
  • Running reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as it strengthens the heart and improves cardiorespiratory functions.


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