Woman: What happens to the body in the menstrual period

The woman’s body undergoes several transformations throughout her life. Most of them are the result of the action of hormones that alter shapes, flows and feelings. The menstrual period is an important phase of these changes. Understand a little more about what happens to the woman’s body during this period.

Many things can contribute for the changes in the woman’s body to start well before menstruation, so everything can influence, from an incorrect diet to the lack of physical exercises.

During the menstrual period, the body undergoes a kind of renewal, as the uterus eliminates everything it has accumulated waiting for an embryo. In this way, the organ puts out the egg that has not been fertilized and the blood that surrounded it.

Menstrual period in the woman



The explanation for the dreaded colic also comes from the expulsion of the unfertilized egg. It turns out that when the uterus prepares to expel the unused egg, it makes contraction movements, which causes abdominal pain so common in women during menstruation.


The emotional field also undergoes changes. This is because the production of progesterone is low during menstruation, unlike what happens a few days before, when what we call premenstrual tension or simply PMS occurs, which is nothing more than an increase in the hormone in the bloodstream.

Loose bowels

Due to the increased blood flow in the genital region, the woman may also have a looser bowel during the menstrual period. Therefore, it needs to be attentive and consume foods that are its allies at the time of digestion. Avoid nutrients that loosen the intestine and invest in carbohydrates and fruits that hold the intestine, such as apples and bananas.

How to alleviate these discomforts?

To support the body’s changes during the menstrual period, also consume a lot of iron, proteins and citrus fruits. Another measure you can take is to exercise during menstruation. This will soften some effects, in addition to making you feel refreshed and happy, due to the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

During the menstrual period there is nothing to prevent sexual intercourse, however, some experts advise that the use of condoms in any situation is the best option, either to avoid sexually transmitted diseases as well as an unwanted pregnancy. It is worth remembering that, even with a small chance, it is possible to get pregnant during this period, as long as you are at the end of your period and the sperm can survive a long time in your body before fertilization.

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