Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Ribera

Complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood Ribera level for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with our complete guide. All collectibles.

Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood – Ribera

La Ribera is the second location we visited in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch . After assassinating General Winkler at Der Nachtfalter , Jess and Soph fall with the wreckage of the aircraft onto the streets of Neu-Paris . In this section of our complete guide we help you complete this level, and find all the collectibles :

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Primary Quest: Ribera

Ribera is a somewhat more complex level than the previous one . We have multiple possible routes, although the objective is to reach the Catacombs of the city using the metro, and, for this, we must reach the station. Then we leave you a video in which we complete this area, collecting all the collectibles along the way:

Ribera Collectibles

In Ribera there are a total of 26 collectibles . It is possible to collect them all during our first visit:

  • 3D Glasses 3 – Jess’s Denim Suit. As soon as the level begins, we cross the small tunnel, we go to the left side of the street where we exit, and we climb the ladders. The 3D glasses are on top of a box.
  • Document 1 – Die Neue Wahrheit article # 1. . In the area where we have to open a gate with a code, in a corner there is a small fenced area. This document is a newspaper that is here, on a table.
  • Document 2 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no2 . After code through the door, this newspaper is in the room at the bottom of the stairs, on a shelf on the left.
  • 3D Glasses 1 – General Winkler. From the collectible above, we went out the door on the left side, up the stairs, and, once on this huge street, we go left. The 3D glasses are in a box on the floor.
  • Cover of UVK 1 – Der Golem. From the previous collectible, if you look, we will see that there is a small alley nearby. If we go to him, we will see this video tape on top of a television.
  • Figure 1 – Der Nachtfalter I. From the previous collectible, we keep going down the alley. On the left we have a door that we can break if we have the Crush ability. Inside is a red container whose code is 9576; when we open it we will get the illustration.
  • Document 3 – Gustav’s Diary. From the previous collectible, we turn around, and continue moving down the alley. We will see a path on the right that leads to a small office. This document is on a table, just enter.
  • Floppy 2 – Gestapo Boxes on the bank safe. In the same room as the previous collectible, next to a computer.
  • Cassette 2 – Die Kollektion von Tregenza, No. 1. In the same room as the previous collectible, on a shelf behind the computer.
  • 3D Glasses 2 – Sophia’s Denim Suit. We left the building where we came to the alley where the cover of UVK 1 was. Instead of continuing to return, we advanced until we came out onto the street again. Directly opposite is a door that we must open with our sister. Before opening it, we head to its left, where we can see the semi-hidden 3D glasses in boxes.
  • Document 4 – Angelique’s letter. After going through with our sister, we keep going until we reach another door closed with a padlock that we have to burst with one stone. To the right of the door are several mailboxes, and attached to them is a note.
  • Floppy 4 – Re: Warehouse of the train station. Passing through the gate with a padlock, there is a Nazi checkpoint. The floppy disk is in an elevated position, next to a computer used to decipher floppy disks.
  • Cassette 3 – The resistance: The streets of Neu-Paris. From the previous collectible, we entered through the window of the building that we have just above. The cassette is on a table.
  • Illustration 2 – Der Nachtfalter II. In the same room as the previous collectible there is a red container whose code is 2703. When we open it, we will get this illustration.
  • Document 5 – Letter from Thérèse. From the previous collectible, we went out to the small open area near the Megatöne store. The document is in a yellow mailbox.
  • Cover of UVK 2 – Die Putzer. Using double jumps, we reached the roof of the building with the Megatöne sign. Once on the roof, we will see that there is a window that overlooks a nearby building. Inside, we will find the video tape on top of the television.
  • 3D Glasses 4 – Casino Robot. In the alley to the right of the Megatöne store. These 3D glasses are inside a showcase, also from the local Megatöne, which we must break in order to collect them.
  • 3D Glasses 5 – Zeppelin Balloon Boat. From the previous collectable object, we continue advancing through the alley to, at the end of it, go up to an elevated area based on double jumps. The 3D glasses are on a stool.
  • Figure 3 – Ribera I. Just behind the 3D glasses we just picked up, there is a red container whose code is 1234. Opening it, we will get this illustration.
  • Document 6 – Lutz’s list of things to do in life. From the previous collectible, we keep going until we reach an area where there is a fountain without water. In a bank next to the source we will find this document.
  • Floppy 3 – Rooftop Sniper Post. From the collectible above, we go down the stairs, and we’ll see this floppy disk in a box on the right side.
  • 3D glasses 6 – Neosoldat. From the previous collectible, we descended the stairs, and moved down the only available path. Before reaching the sign for the Zentrum hotel, we will see a burning barricade on the right side. The 3D glasses are on a table in this barricade.
  • 3D Glasses 7 – Sushi buffet table. In the area where a capsule with enemy soldiers falls. We will find the 3D glasses on a table just behind the capsule.
  • Document 7 – Fischer’s Note. In the same area as the previous collectible, in another of the tables.
  • 3D Glasses 8 – Destroyed rescue capsule. Before going down the metro stairs, on the right side we will see a vehicle. We must go up to the roof of the same, and burst the hatch that is carrying out an attack with a blow fall if we have the Crush ability.


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