What Is WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network);How to use WLANs Safely

WLAN  means ” Wireless Local Area Network “. It is a local area network that uses radio waves for to transmit data and   connect to the Internet without the use of traditional cables.Routers are the devices responsible for connecting various devices to the Internet network.

WAN is a wide area network.It covers  larger area with the Internet connection. Companies and universities,adopt WAN service to facilitate  users on the same network. Famous technologies that are used by WLAN is the Wi-Fi ( Wireless Fidelity ) transmission , which allows the internet connection in laptops, cell phones, PDAs, etc.A WLAN connection is useful for both businesses and private households. In companies, employees can quickly access data, and at home, they can connect to the Internet for the whole family.

The WLAN is becoming important, and is used in different locations. Many people are  providing free Wi-Fi service  in restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and other places which allows an internet connection for all those who want it, and a quick access to the data in real time. .The security of the WLAN network has improved in recent years, which requires user authentication, avoiding unauthorized access, and data encryption over the network.

Structure of a WLAN

The central element of a WLAN is the access point, which is the connection between mobile devices and the Internet or the network.In order for devices to “see” the WLAN, the access point usually sends its “name”, the SSID ( Service Set Identifier or ” service set identifier “).


The use of a radio transmission has a disadvantage: it is relatively simple to intercept the transmitted data. For this reason the connection between mobile devices and the access point should be encrypted. There are several security procedures that you can use

MAC filter

Each network device, and therefore also all mobile devices, have a MAC address, which mainly allows them to be uniquely identified. Access points offer the possibility to set a MAC filter that allows access to the network only to “known” mobile devices with a known MAC address.

How to use WLANs safely

When using local networks, pay close attention to the following points to increase your security:

  • Have a “healthy” dose of distrust when using a WLAN that you do not know.
  • If possible, connect only to encrypted WLANs (WPA2).
  • Do not carry out any e-banking operations and do not send confidential data via unprotected public mobile networks, such as hotspots in public places (cities, stations, etc.) or in hotels.
  • Deactivate the “automatic connection” function for unknown and unprotected WLANs on your mobile device if possible.

How to manage WLANs securely

If you manage a WLAN directly, it is advisable to observe the following points for your security:

  • Activate a robust encryption option, at least WPA, or better yet WPA2, and absolutely set a secure network key or password.
  • Change the SSID in the network, if it contains data relating to a person, such as the surname, or information about the router, eg the guy.
  • Replace the factory-set router passwords with personal passwords.
  • Activate the MAC filter.
  • If possible, reduce the transmission power of your WLAN router and turn it off when the local network is not used.
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