Why Nanites Are Best Microscopic Machines

Nanites are microscopic machines that were created by scientists during the Nanite Project. As these machines are so small, they take their name from the nanometer, which is one trillionth of a meter. These tiny machines have the potential of many different uses. It is usually associated with the medical field.

The true purpose of the Nanites

Nanites were created intentionally to save humanity by eliminating disease and hunger in the entire world.Nanites operate in the very core of human cells. They have the ability to tackle  medical condition with a much higher accuracy, because they react faster and on a smaller scale.It can also be a destructive force of immeasurable power. The most virulent types of nanites are likely to be used for military purposes.

While research and development still has a long way to go, scientists are very excited about the possibilities of a nanite. As a very small device, it can perform a variety of tasks. Specific applications may be in the treatment of disease, and monitoring health.The key to nanotechnology is to break down the matter into very small particles. Scientists have discovered that this can actually change the normal properties of some case.It is believed,with the help of nano robots in our brains, we will be able to extract memories from dead people .

A nano means the billionth part of a meter, that is, 10-9 meters. Therefore, nanotechnology refers only to scale and not objects, such as biotechnology, where the prefix bios means life. The second aspect is that nanotechnology refers to a series of techniques used to manipulate the matter in the scale of atoms and molecules that to be seen require special microscopes.The second way of presenting nanotechnology is to first consider nanoscience as the study of the fundamental principles of molecules and structures with a dimension between 1 and 100 nm (nanometers).

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