Does winter influence productivity?

Ah winter! This cold season brings, in its coldest days, a desire to go to a warm place, a bed, a blanket. But can winter also affect our productivity?

Clinical psychologist Carlos Soares answers about the winter influences on us and how we can react to it. Check out! 

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Is there any truth in saying that we are less productive in winter?

Carlos Soares:  Yes. In the winter, we are more lazy and we want to stay in bed longer. Due to the low temperatures, we are less likely to leave the house and do physical activities , decreasing the production of serotonin.

What can we do to combat this lack of productivity and keep us motivated?

Carlos Soares: Despite the cold, maintaining our regular and physical activities, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids. Try to sleep earlier than usual.

How can we exercise our mind and body?

Carlos Soares:  Regular physical activity and outdoor activities encourage our bodies to not get tired and yield a lot during our daily activities. Avoiding too much sleep and doing activities like reading helps to keep the mind “busy”. Avoid doing too much.

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Are there data that prove that in winter, and in cloudy weather, people are sadder?

Carlos Soares:  Yes! Because of the shorter and darker days for longer, we tend to become more recluse, sad and with little desire to talk, to go out and have fun. Gray colors give us a sadder feeling.

What is a myth and what is true about our winter behavior?

Carlos Soares:  In winter, the days are shorter and colder. This can make people colder and more likely to commit suicide , as the cold leaves people more “closed”.


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