Windows PC vs Mac Which one is better? Main differences

In today’s article we will talk about What is better Windows or Mac? To begin, we must know the concept of each of these before starting with the comparison. What is Windows? It is a PC operating system developed by Microsoft .

Its release on the market dates back to 1985 being used by approximately 1 billion people, positioning it at the top of PC operating systems. As of today, there are a wide variety of versions of Windows .

On the other hand, we must know What is Mac? This is the operating system built into computers developed by Apple. It saw the light for the first time in 2001, being present since then.

It should be noted that this operating system is for the exclusive use of Apple computers, since both the hardware and the software are designed together, resulting in a powerful combination.

Since we know the concepts of both operating systems, we can go straight to the topic that concerns us today. Next, we will see the differences that exist between Windows and Mac , to finally see which of these two is better. We will explain each of these points.

What are the differences between Windows and Mac?

When it comes to knowing the differences between the two, it is prudent to highlight their characteristics and how the two deal with them. Both are among the best operating systems in the world , but this time we will see what differences these technology giants have.


When it comes to talking about compatibility, Windows takes the lead, being compatible with most existing computers, while Mac cannot be installed on another computer that does not belong to Apple .

In addition to this aspect, programming companies tend to be easier and aim more to develop their programs for Windows than for Apple. This is due to the system compatibility that Windows also offers unlike Apple .

Equipment price

Although we talk about operating systems, it is important to know the price of the computers where we can use them . In this case, thanks to the great compatibility that Windows has, we don’t have to think much about where we are going to install it because it is very likely that we can do it.

However, Mac is not suitable for any computer, making us have to use only those that are developed by Apple. They are very good, but their price can be a bit high for some users .

Different commands

We are all used to keyboard commands in our operating system and PC, but these may be different if we decide to switch from Apple to Windows or vice versa . In turn, we can access hidden functions on Mac in a different way than Windows.

Default programs

A very important point to highlight is the default applications of each one, because they are totally different. They have programs with similar functions that handle data in memory , including some like iCloud for Mac and OneDrive for Windows that handle data online.


Finally, we have another different point between both systems such as the interfaces. At first glance they have similar spaces, but they use a totally different aesthetic, with Windows being more customizable and Mac less customizable , but with elegant colors.

Which PC operating system is better between Windows and Mac?

We have already seen the main differences of each operating system, but which one is better? There is no correct answer for this question, because each one has characteristics that can serve as well as not for a user .

On the one hand, Apple’s operating system is secure, which makes the installation of an antivirus unnecessary if we make sure to configure the security options on Mac in advance. On the other hand, Apple computers have good aesthetics, which have physical characteristics such as being light compared to others on the market.

In addition, it usually has a good performance, having a great capacity to process different actions, all this thanks to the fact that its use is through Apple computers that are high-end , achieving a harmony between the software and hardware.

We must also know that Windows has not established itself as the most popular operating system for anything, bringing with it several advantages for those who use it. Its most significant advantage is the fact that it has freedom to program and compatibility. This means that most programs are required to be in Windows .

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