How to see Google Doodles in the search engine

The Google company has not stopped developing new functions and options for its programs, applications and platforms, in order to offer a better operation of the same or simply to give them a more striking and simple appearance.

Surely it has happened to you that when you search through the Google search engine you realize that the letters change their design , and in the event that a particular holiday is being celebrated that day, these letters will be adapted to the theme of the holiday.

Well these changes are due to an intentional alteration caused by the same Google company, which is called “Doodle Google.”

What is Doodle Google?

It is a simple but very creative temporary alteration that is made to the letters of Google in its official search engine, the alteration is made in order to celebrate a memorable date that can be about a celebration, achievement or even important people that they have made history.

The Google Doodle began to be developed for this purpose after a logo was designed for Bastille Day in 2000, by Dennis Hwang, after the proposal made by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, after which the Doodles were They were created in an organized and published by a specific team called “Doodlers”.

In the beginning, the Doodles were simple static designs of the Google word, but with the passage of time they improved until the first animated Doodle was published.

The animated Doodle was published in honor of the physicist Isaac Newton, having certain very creative animations, and after that, the first interactive Doodle could also be developed with the celebration of the ” Pac Man” series that allowed users to use the platform play the game Pac Man where the platform will be the Google letters.

After the great popularity of Doodles, the Google company decided to increasingly promote the development of new designs, so much so that to this day they have more than 4,000 different Doodles designs in their official search engine.

How to see Google Doodles in the search engine

To see the Doodles on the Google platform you will only have to access the search engine from any browser you have on the day that a memorable date is celebrated, as in the case of Hallowen, or at Christmas.

Although there is also the option to see the Doodles of previous festivities and iconic characters or even the game you want without the need for it to be the day it is celebrated, below we will show you how to see the Doodles already published previously

  1. The first thing you should do is update the Google Chrome browser to its latest version or any other that you have installed on your device to be able to navigate without problems
  2. Once inside the browser, enter the official Google search engine and enter the word “Doodles”
  3. You will have to access the official Google Doodles page, where you will find all the most current Doodles developed by the Google company, and which in turn will find the Doodle created for the current day
  4. And ready! you will be able to see all the Doodles developed by the Google company

However, if you want to see the Doodles created since 1998 you will have to access the Doodles files which you can find from the same page , by accessing them you can find all the Doodles created since that year, and well organized by their date, In addition, within this section you will also be able to see all the information regarding what that specific date expresses.

Choose the Doodle you want for your search engine

There is a way to be able to use a Doodle and set it as the default with the help of the free “favorite Doodle” extension so that when using the Google search engine, the platform uses the Doodle design that we want, then we will show you how to do it:

  1. The first thing you should do is access the Doodles catalog from the official Google Doodles page
  2. Click on the Doodle you want to access more functions and information about it
  3. You will be able to appreciate that under the Doodle you choose a button will appear that says “set this Doodle as a favorite”
  4. Click on the button below the Doodle you want
  5. And ready! will be set as Default Doodle


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