Windows 10 will be optimized for the use you want with just one click

Windows 10 has for years included some modes to adapt performance depending on user preferences. For example, we find the Game Mode to boost gaming performance . Now, Microsoft will allow you to customize Windows 10 according to more varied uses.

In October 2020 , Microsoft began testing an option to customize the device in a fresh installation to suit their primary use of the operating system. Now, the company has gone a step further, and is exploring adding an option directly in the Personalization menu (within Settings) called ” Use the device “.

Until now you could only choose after installing it

This section will allow you to adjust the operating system even after having installed it, since currently we can only select it in the installation process, and from then on there is no way to open it again.

The function has appeared in Build 21313 for Windows 10 , and can only be activated when using third – party tools. That is why, when trying to change any setting, the menu hangs, since it is not yet fully developed. This page has an internal name ” SettingsUserIntentPage “, similar to what appears in the initial menu after installation.

Six different customization modes

Therefore, if the same settings are maintained, Windows 10 will allow us to personalize the user experience based on what we want to do with the system. Currently, the only thing this function does is show suggestions in the operating system related to the settings that we change.

We have six different options in the system, to choose from:

  • Games – Play and discover the latest game releases
  • Family : connect with the family, and allow each one to have its user
  • Creativity : create and edit photos, videos and all kinds of content
  • School and homework : take notes, write or collaborate on projects
  • Entertainment : watch videos, surf the web and connect to social networks
  • Business : keep track of expenses and manage your business

In the event that they add more functionalities to these options, we can find, for example, that Windows 10 prioritizes games when we activate the Games option. Thanks to this, we can find, for example, better management of RAM, prioritizing the one used by the game, or prioritizing the traffic generated by the game so that there are no traffic or latency problems. In the future they may also decide to add icons to the taskbar to keep different system settings more at hand.

We don’t know when this new feature will arrive in Windows 10 . Microsoft is currently testing 21H1 on the Insider channel, which will arrive this spring. This update will be a minor update to Windows 10, the same as 20H2, and we will have to wait until 21H2 to find big changes. It will be in this second version of the year when we find all the great news at the interface level.


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