Will you study a career or graduate degree online? How to know if an online university is accredited

Choosing a career can be a complicated decision, as it represents what you are passionate about and that, in the near future, you will live day by day as a professional. However, it is also just as important to know how to select the university where you will study. But do you know what you must take into account so that your training is optimal under the online mode ? First of all, it is important that you know how to choose an accredited online university .

TIP: A very good option is to studyonlineat a foreign university, as you will be able to revalidate your degree in Mexico before the SEP and have a valid university degree in another country. If you choose a European university, you can use it in the European higher education area.


When choosing an online university :

  • Check that the university is recognized by the SEP and the validity of your degree in Mexico.
  • Look for the university in reference rankings suchas the Times Higher Education , this means that it is a quality university.
  • Analyze the educational model they offer you. That is, consider a model that adapts to the rhythm of life you lead and that allows you to study from anywhere. Take the following into account:
    • Price
    • Faculty
    • Comments from other students
    • Investigation
    • Networking. If it is a university that is in several countries, it will allow you to meet different students from the world.

Advantages of the online mode

Do you want to study and at the same time have your time to do other activities? Or, are you one of the people who learn best independently? The online mode  is a great option for you!

There are many advantages of this form of learning , but if you want to know why, the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) , the first 100% online university in the world and with a long history and experience in eLearning, shares with us a series of competences that are developed studying online and that will be useful for your personal and professional life :

  • Rational and critical use of ICT.
  • Collaborative and networked work in multidisciplinary environments, fostering trust, cordiality and guidance in joint tasks.
  • Process planning and time management
  • Autonomy and discipline
  • Decision making
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Leadership

In the online offer there is already a wide variety of programs in different areas of knowledge, in fact, several studies highlight that employers value more applicants who graduate from online universities because they enhance skills such as discipline and responsibility .

Study abroad

Another advantage of the online modality is that you can study at a foreign university without having to travel . You will have a valid title in another country and you will acquire differential skills.

This is a possibility that many students, especially at the graduate level, consider, as it complements their curriculum and allows them to continue preparing while they work.


Now, if you want to know in which  rankings you can consult information about an accredited university, here are some options, with an example so that you know what type of information to obtain.

Open University of Catalonia (UOC):

    • Times Higher Education: among the 600 best universities in the world and the only online university in Spain. Among the 150 best young universities in the world.
    • Hamilton Global Intelligence: the world’s first Spanish-speaking online training institution.
    • U-Multirank: assesses different aspects of the quality of universities (teaching, research, internationalization, transfer and regional impact). The U-Multirank gives the UOC six indicators of very good performance in knowledge transfer, regional commitment and international orientation.
    • ShanghaiRanking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities:ranks the world’s institutions according to their weight in 52 disciplines. The UOC appears among the 200 best universities in communication and the 500 best in education, among the more than 4,000 universities around the world according to areas of knowledge.
    • THE Young University Rankings: Thisrankingassesses the following five areas of universities: teaching, research, citations, international orientation and industry income. The UOC appears in thisrankingfor the third consecutive year and remains among the institutions that are ranked 101-150 worldwide.


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