What are the public online Universities of Mexico?

Currently there are many public educational options that allow you to accredit an online career, from specialized platforms, and obtain an officially valid degree. Here we will detail which are those public online universities in Mexico and the degrees they offer.

Advantages of online education:

If you decide to take advantage of this new way of studying, you will have  great advantages :


  • You can take your classes at the time that best suits you , which will allow you to adjust your studies to your daily routine.
  • It is not necessary to commute to school every day, so you will save a lot of time and money that you can use as best suits you.

Also, you should know that online careers are not exclusive to the most famous private universities such as UNITEC, UVM or TecMilenio, in fact today there is a long list of  public universities where you can study a career online for free  or very low cost. Best of all, they all have official validity and at the end of your degree you  will receive a degree equal to that of graduates of face-to-face programs .

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Do you want to know what they are?

Well, here we leave you a description of the educational offer of the 15 Public Online Universities in Mexico.

  1. UNADM

The Open and Distance University of Mexico is one of the most important public universities in the field, since it is an institution  dependent on the Ministry of Public Education,  created in 2012, to promote university studies among a sector of society that for reasons economic or social cannot access conventional universities. For that reason, studying at  this school has no cost .

The academic offer of the  Open and Distance University  is made up of  23 degrees :

  1. UVEG

The  UVEG  is the option of the state of Guanajuato, created in 2007, to counteract the high rejection rates of the University of Guanajuato and other highly demanded public institutions in the Bajío.

UVEG – Racing

In the Virtual University of Guanajuato you will be able to choose between  4 bachelor’s degrees and 3 engineering degrees . Likewise, you will be able to study 5 master’s degrees and 2 social sciences diplomas, with official validity from the SEP.

  1. Virtual UV

The  Universidad Veracruzana  is one of the best public universities nationwide and of course its virtual education platform could not be missing from this list, as it is an excellent option to pursue a degree by advancing units weekly, up to 3 and a half years!

The educational offer of the Virtual UV is very small, since it only consists of  two degrees :

  1. UNACH Virtual

The  Virtual University of UNACH  is a new teaching model created  in 2014 to strengthen the Distance Education program of the Autonomous University of Chiapas.

The UNACH Virtual platform is very accessible and allows students to take  classes, consultancies and access online bibliography for free. 

Upon graduation from one of the virtual careers of the Autonomous Region of Chiapas, students will have the  same degree of preparation as graduates of conventional degrees  and will also be able to access the  same degree possibilities  as their peers in face-to-face programs.

The educational offer of the University of Chiapas is made up of  9 degrees  in the following areas:

  1. UJED Virtual University

Obviously in the north of the country there are also options to study an online degree, one of them from the  Juárez University of the State of Durango  that has the  Virtual University System  with a decade of experience.

This online system is intended to  bring the possibility of studying a degree to the most remote municipalities of the state . For this reason, it currently has  16 municipal headquarters  equipped with computer equipment, scanning service, access to educational platforms and the UJED’s digital resources system.

  1. UJAT Remote

The Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco is one of the best universities in the Mexican southeast. Currently this university has a  Distance Education System  that allows access to thousands of young people and adults who did not stay in the face-to-face mode or who do not have enough time to study.

In this type of study, the student has an  advisor who guides their learning , a password to access the  online platform  and the opportunity to receive  distance advice at  established times.

  1. UdG Virtual University

It will not be necessary for you to attend the University of Guadalajara daily   for 4 years to be able to have a degree from this prestigious university.

Today you can be part of the UdG by taking one of its  7 social sciences and humanities degrees on the digital platform of the University of Guadalajara  where you can access online classes and receive  comprehensive training  in 4 fundamental aspects:  tutorials, culture, entrepreneurship and healthy life .

  1. Virtual UAQ

The  Autonomous University of Querétaro  is just entering the online study modality, for that reason currently it only teaches  two distance degrees , through the  Moodle platform of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration . You can also take  two virtual masters and one doctorate .

  1. UAEMEX Online

The online modality of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico is characterized by its  24-hour availability.  that allows university students to  take the subjects they decide at any time and advance at the pace that best suits them,  without pressure of any kind.

On the UAEMEX virtual platform, students can access self-taught learning materials,  communication tools with teachers  and  participation in student groups .

10.E- UAEM

That is the name of the virtual platform of the  Autonomous University of the State of Morelos  in which, since 2013, 4 online degrees in  the area of ​​social sciences and administration have been taught  .

In this type of study, students take  80% of their classes on  the university’s digital platform and the remaining 20% ​​can take it in face-to-face counseling. In addition, students have an online teacher who performs advisory and mentoring functions.

  1. UAEH Online

The  Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo  offers several undergraduate and graduate educational programs of high academic quality and with the flexibility needed by students with reduced hours or who live far from the university campus.

UAEH online classes are taken in the  Virtual University System. Students must  credit a certain number of learning units each semester in order to continue their studies.

  1. ITSON Virtual

In the Technological Institute of Sonora, an online degree is also taught that will surely attract the attention of several. We refer to the career of:

So if you are interested in pursuing that degree but you can’t find enough time or money to attend university daily, the ITSON Virtual Campus is for you. In this platform you can  access virtual tutorials, digital library, scholarships  and even participate in the  activities of the Healthy University .

  1. PoliVirtual

Without a doubt, the IPN is one of the great options to study an online degree, since for several years it has had a distance education platform called PoliVirtual in which high school, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are taught  supported by new technologies of the information.

Online IPN careers  are divided into units  that the student must accredit at the time and place available. Studying in this modality of studies of the Poli implies working hard and having individual commitment since the students  do not have tutors to guide their learning.

  1. BUAP at a Distance

The Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla could not make it on this list, since for a few years it has been managing the modality of distance studies that allows students to  access the following e-learning services from anywhere in the world :

  1. Self- taught learningcontent
  2. Distance consulting
  3. Base texts for each session
  4. Online Assessments
  5. Virtual community of students

The University System of Open and Distance Education is without a doubt the best option to study an online degree, since you will not only use the  study plans of the best university in Latin America , but you will also be able to qualify in the same way as your classmates face-to-face modality.

To be able to study at a distance at UNAM you will have to participate in the SUAyED special call and accredit a  preparatory course of preparation for self-taught learning.  If you do not pass the course with a  grade higher than 8.0,  you will not be able to enroll even if you were selected.


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