What Is WiFi Hotspot;How Does It Work

WiFi hotspot indicates a place where you can have internet access, and is a term that comes from English. Hotspot means ” warm place ” and WiFi means wireless network , that is, a local, usually business premises where one can use the internet without the need for wires or cables.

WiFi hotspots are usually public places, such as shopping malls, bars, hotels, restaurants, airports and etc., which give the customer the ability to surf the internet while waiting for a service. Most places with WiFi Hotspot require the individual to pay to use it, or in the case of commercial establishments, buy a product or something in minimum value, in order to enjoy the benefit.

To use the WiFi Hotspot is very simple, you only need to have a laptop, mobile phone or tablet that enables an Internet connection with wireless technology. Companies that choose to have a WiFi Hotspot should be very careful when installing the network, because depending on the location, there may be many barriers in the connection, and they may harm the service offered.

To access a WiFi hotspot, you almost always need to know the network access password, unless it is an open network. There are also applications that “turn” cell phones into hotspots, which means that people can connect to the internet through the network made available by the device that owns that application.

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