Why You Must Study Linguistic Anthropology


Why You Must Study Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology is a branch of anthropology that examines the diversity of languages spoken by human societies. It also deals the language in the cultural background of native speakers. It also studies the language in its social and cultural context in space and through time in order to find out universal characteristic ancient languages. The study establishes relationship between production of language and culture. It aims to discover origins and evolution of human language.  So we can conclude it is a branch of linguistics that examines the relationship between language and culture, especially to observe how language is used in everyday life as a tool in action community

Evolution of linguistics Anthropology:

It emerges as a sub-discipline of cultural anthropology. Different cultures were studied with different languages spoken by people. Linguists were trying to reconstruct the history of these languages ​​and where they come from.

During the nineteenth century, anthropologists and comparative linguistics were trying to trace the genetic relationships and the historical development of language families.

They also tried to establish the relationship between the evolution of language and the evolution of man. Language is a large essential part of culture; anthropologists consider it as a separate discipline. Linguists are interested in the development of languages. Also, this science deals in the differences of living languages, such as linked or different, and in certain processes which explain the transmission and dissemination of information. They also try to find out   the ways in which language reflects objects or other aspects of culture. The linguistic models were adopted as models of cultural and social behavior in an attempt to interpret and analyze the social and cultural systems within the currents of anthropology.

Why You Must Study Linguistic Anthropology

Why we need to study linguistics Anthropologists:

Language that affects the view of human life. Man can not think except through language. We need to focuse on the relationship between language and culture. We need to study, how people communicate with other people in social activities and how a person communicates with others  according to its cultural context.

Every linguist must know three important relationships that need to be considered. First, the relationship between the language of the culture . Its mean, when we learn a culture, we had to learn the language. Second, the relationship between the language of the culture in general. In this case, we know that every single language in exist in a society. Language indicates culture: The role of language is very important in understanding the culture, and the role of culture is also very important in understanding the language. Language is used as an expression of cultural value.

Why You Must Study Linguistic Anthropology

8 Facts you Must Know About The  scope of linguistic Anthropology.

  • Anthropological linguistics studies research towards extrinsic elements that support the use of language, such as the use of language in contextual culture.
  • People are never aware of the existence of other nations in the world, which is different from them in terms of skin color, facial features, and different behavior. Over in the human world are always asking about their origin.
  • The science of anthropology investigates the human relationship in language. The scientific approach allows anthropologists a broad sense about human diversity.
  • Anthropology is the study of mankind, tried to make useful generalizations about people and their behavior and to obtain a complete understanding of human diversity. Diversity of cultural forms define the basics of human differences and similarities, human nature, and institutional.
  • Anthropology examines human behavior in general by studying diverse ethnic groups around the world.
  • It is part of anthropology which specialize research on the spread of the language of mankind.
  • It studies the history of the emergence of language, including the different types of language structure. Learning about these languages ​​can help to predict how long the particular community has been using the language in the regions where they live. Linguistics played a vital role in the cultural paradigm shift from functional to structural objects by viewing the material as a sign.

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