The 10 Most Common Mistakes In English Learning

The 10 Most Common Mistakes In English Learning

Common mistakes in English language learning can be overcome with proper guidance.It is believed that the error is an integral part of the learning process. Learning English is not so complicated and impossible task as it might seem at first glance. In order to achieve the desired success, it is necessary to organize the workflow and try to avoid common mistakes. In this article we will look at the top common mistakes that even the most intelligent people do with learning English.

Focus on grammar:

This is the most dangerous mistake. Studies show too much study of grammar gives negative an impact on speech abilities. Why is that? English Grammar can be difficult to understand. In real life communication, that you will not have enough time to recall hundreds of rules of grammar. The best way is to actively communicate with foreigners and listen to correct English speech.

Too high expectations from language institute:

Negative impact advertising is disaster for English learning most of time school of foreign language”, promises to improve your level in a couple of weeks? You should not believe such a sweet lie: In the short term, you cannot learn any English or German or Chinese. You should be aware for this fact.

Incorrect setting of goal

 You must clearly understand what benefits you will bring new knowledge. If you learn a language just because it is the trend then you will not be too strong motivation. You need to establish the goal and find a prestigious educational institution. Without proper planning you cannot achieve your learning result.

You Must know the Common Mistakes In English and avoid them in future.

Responsibility for the school and tutoring

Many people, who are learning English, shift the responsibility on teachers or courses at language schools. This is quite wrong. First of all, it all depends on you. A good tutor only provides necessary suggestions. You need to learn every day with win win approach.

Reluctance to read English

 Yes, reading foreign newspapers, magazines and books – a rather difficult task. But there’s no need for you to understand literally every written word. It is important to understand the general meaning of the text and study to determine the value of the lexical items in context. Regular reading will help you to not only learn new vocabulary, but also learn how to build your own speech. Without noticing, you learn more than a dozen rules of English grammar.


  • The confusion in the pronunciation of short and long vowels.
  • Problems with the pronunciation of diphthongs (eg, their replacement by conventional vowels).
  • Pronunciation combination “th”. Many beginner students of the English language seem uncomfortable to properly pronounce this combination of letters.
  • Problems with the correct formulation of intonation. Especially brightly it is reflected in the tag-questions.
  • Thus, the problem with the correct pronunciation of the English language is largely due to the fact that the student focuses on the native language.

Improper use of verb:

Many learners make mistakes with the use of different verb tenses. It is mostly improper use of auxiliary verbs.

Improper use of Articles: 

The definite article “the” is used when it comes to particular phenomena (e.g, the sun). The indefinite article “A” is used when people talk about something unfamiliar, uncertain. By the way, many beginners forget that article “an” which is used only in conjunction with nouns that begin with a vowel.

After reaching a certain level you stop practicing.

Having reached a certain level and believing that they have mastered the language to the required extent, some people stop to learn something new. You should always remember that language itself has no boundaries, and eventually it is changing. Therefore, perfection is not possible in language; therefore you will always have something to strive for.

You’re afraid to make mistakes. 

Common mistakes in English is a natural aspect.Many people have a fear of making mistakes in language learning. We must be prepared to ensure that making mistakes are inevitable in the process of learning the English language. And when you are dealing directly with a native speaker, the error will be natural. In this case, you can simply ask your companion to correct. It is only important not to be afraid to stumble, because it is through trial and error, the best result is achieved.

Neglecting hearing

Linguists believe that language learning begins with a “silent period”. Young children begin to master their first language, by listening and imitating sounds, imitating adults. Similarly, students who study a foreign language should be practiced in the perception of the language by listening. This will help to expand your vocabulary, and know the structure of the language.

Listening is the most important communication skills that we use in everyday life. But it is difficult to develop, of course, if you do not live in a foreign country and cannot attend a language learning course. What to do? Find music, podcasts, TV shows and movies in the target language, and listen, listen, listen!


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