Why when writing in Word or Blogger the words are erased? – Solution here

Many people today love to write, and they do it on different platforms such as Word or even Blogger. However, some have reported that doing so on them erases the words. To know why this happens and how to solve it, we will briefly talk about it here.

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  1. Why is it that when you write some text between words, the complete words are eliminated?
    1. Did you press the insert key?
    2. Your ‘Substitution’ feature is enabled
  2. How can you disable the ‘Insert’ key on your PC?
  3. What is the way to disable the ‘Substitution’ function in Word?
    1. with Windows
    2. on Mac
    3. From the website
    4. With the Android mobile app
    5. From the iOS App

Why is it that when you write some text between words, the complete words are eliminated?

The first thing we need to know is why this happens. And it is that basically in these text writers when there is already some information written, what makes the text delete the next word when we want to write is that the overwrite function is activated. This feature can be enabled in both Word and Blogger.

The overwrite works as if we had selected the text in question. And it is that, when we select a letter, word or sentence with the mouse and then we write something with the keyboard, all that selected information will be deleted; and basically this is how the override works. However, it can be solved quite easily.

Did you press the insert key?

The overwrite function is activated in Windows thanks to the “Insert” key. This key can be located on the right side of our keyboard, and can be identified because it has the abbreviation “Ins” or sometimes it is completely identified as “Insert”.

Sometimes we will be able to know if the function is activated because it has a small light on when it is activated. Something that is also worth mentioning is that the Insert key affects both Blogger and Word, so if we have the same problem on both platforms, the cause is probably that this key is activated.

Your ‘Substitution’ feature is enabled

Another cause that can cause Word or Blogger to substitute words is that the “Substitution” function is activated. This works much like the Insert key when it’s on. That’s why exactly how to deactivate both anointings will be told below.

How can you disable the ‘Insert’ key on your PC?

To be able to deactivate the Insert key on our PC we will simply have to have our Word program open. Next, go to the “File” tab, select “Options” and then go to “Advanced Options” ; Depending on our version of Office, it is possible that this last option simply appears as “Advanced”.

Being there, you have to go to editing options, or simply look for the boxes “Use the Insert key to control overwrite mode” and “Use overwrite mode”. By deselecting both options we can verify that the problem no longer occurs. However, it may be advisable to keep the Insert key active for certain circumstances.

What is the way to disable the ‘Substitution’ function in Word?

Something worth saying is that this function is also called “Replace”. Below will show you exactly how to disable this feature on different devices.

with Windows

In order to disable the “Substitution” function in Windows, the first thing we have to do is locate it on the ribbon; this is located under the “Home” tab. When locating it we will have to right-click on it and then click on “Customize Ribbon”.

Next, in the “Customize ribbon” field, select “Main tabs” and navigate to the Home tab, then to “Edit” and find the “Replace” or “Substitution” option, select it and click on the “Remove” option . By doing so, we will remove it from the toolbar and it will no longer be activated.

on Mac

To disable this function on Mac the process is quite similar. First you have to go to “Application Preferences” and select “Ribbon” and then “Toolbar”. Again a tab will open as in the case of Windows, and we will have to select the option “Main tabs” in “Customize the ribbon”.

From there you have to navigate to “start”, then “Edit” and select the “Replace” option. Finally, click on “Remove”, which in this case will be represented by an arrow pointing to the left and finally select accept. By doing this the option will be removed and we should no longer have the problem.

From the website

If you want to disable this function from the Word website, we can realize that it is not possible. To be able to do it we will have to go to the desktop application. We will simply have to go to “File”. Then you have to select the option “Open in the desktop application” and follow the instructions.

Once we are in the desktop application, we will simply have to follow the same process that has been described before, whether we are on Mac or Windows users.

With the Android mobile app

One of the advantages of using the Word application on an Android mobile is that this option is not available on them. Of course, for some users who use this option it can be unfortunate, however, since it is not available, you will not even have to worry about deactivating it.

From the iOS App

Just like the Android mobile app, the iOS version of Word doesn’t have the replacement feature. This is so because it is quite simple compared to the desktop application. For this reason, it is not necessary to have that option.

So, you can see how simple it is to solve the problem of letters being erased while writing in Word and Blogger. Although it can be quite an annoying problem, by following this highly recommended tutorial it can be solved in a few minutes.


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