What is better a Blogger or a Vlogger?

There are many people who want to feel fashionable and be involved with the digital age and start by creating a blog on Facebook , but most of the time they create a blog without knowing the differences between a blog and a Vlog.

That is why below, we are going to give you a detailed explanation about what the concept of each one is, which one is better and of course we are going to talk to you about the differences and similarities between a Blogger and a Vlogger.


  • What is a Blogger and Vlogger?
  • What is better a Blogger or a Vlogger?
  • Difference and similarities between Blogger and Vlogger

What is a Blogger and Vlogger?

Working on a blog is a task that requires responsibility and dedication. Because the idea is to do a good job that is pleasant for the public, know how to upload a PDF file for easy download, create unique and original content so that it is attractive to the public along with more tasks that cannot be missed.

Blogger Concept

When we talk about a Blogger or a Blog, a web page immediately comes to mind, and it is that yes, it is so, a Blogger is a person who is dedicated to making content for a web page, highlighting that it is content that It can be created personally or in a business way, only that a Blog in Blogger is purely written content , everything that appears is textual.

Vlogger concept

The confusion begins when talking about a Vlogger, the Vlogger of a Vlogger in the same way is a space in which content is made and that content reaches a group of people to try to inform, persuade or communicate, but a Vlogger is that person that he is going to create an audiovisual material , that is, he works through videos.

What is better a Blogger or a Vlogger?

People who work creating information either for a Blog or a Vlog have to have knowledge to edit text on a web page, skills to create unique content , good communicational power and skills in social networks.

For this reason, one cannot be classified as better or the other as worse, because both terms fulfill their functions, and each one will satisfy the needs of the public that they are directed to. Everything will depend on each person and what they are looking for.

If you are one of those people who like to read a lot and are interested in looking for content on web pages in which everything is explained in detail in writing, your best option is undoubtedly going to be a Blog.

But, if on the contrary, you are one of those people who look for videos to be able to easily understand or like audiovisual content because they find that type of creation more attractive, the option you should choose is a Vlog.

However, at all times we are receiving information from both creations, there are times when material from a blog is consumed, as there are times when only material from Vlogs is used, so neither can be pigeonholed as better or worse.

Difference and similarities between Blogger and Vlogger

The time has come to talk about the similarities and differences, it can be said that both terms are very similar, they have very similar aspects but there is a factor that makes them different, the similarity is not precisely their pronunciation and the difference does not only lie in the ‘B’ and ‘V’.

There are two very significant differences with respect to a Blogger and a Vlogger, the first difference is the way of displaying its content , a Blogger shows its content only in written form, while the Vlogger does it through videos.

The other difference is the platforms they use , Bloggers use only web pages while a Vlogger can use any platform that allows him to post videos.

Regarding the similarities, both are creators of information and content, they can use their platforms to work in a personal or business way and both mediums can be monetized.

Emphasizing that neither has limitations and both have the freedom to create whatever they want to present a good work to the public they want to reach or to the people they seek to persuade.


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