Great Essay;Why Water Is Important In Our Lives

The presence of water on earth is essential for the development and sustenance of life.Water is important because it is the basis of all the forms of life.Man has recognized the importance of water since ancient times when he began to attribute great symbolic value.

Water is important because,

without her there would be no life on Earth. It belongs to all people. Davide L.

It is a sign of life and without it man would not be able to live. It is also very important for plants, otherwise they would not grow.

By drinking it helps us to live. 

  • Without water there is no life, without drinking a living being does not have the strength to live it is from this that life arose. It is also a sign of purification. It is not only important for us but also for animals and plan
  • It is used to wash and not to take diseases from dirt. Simone F.
  • … it serves to live, because if we don’t drink we can’t purify ourselves and therefore our blood gets polluted and we die.
  • It is important for nature and animals. 
  • It helps to live animals, plants and people. 
  • . it is used to live peacefully, to irrigate and cultivate the fields and take a shower. 
  • .we men without water cannot live, the plants would dry up and we would have nothing to eat. Water is therefore very important and should not be polluted. .
  • It is for washing, drinking, etc. Without water you cannot live. Water is very important for health. 

Water is perhaps the most important element for our body, in fact our body is made up of two thirds of water, a substance with a transparent color, with the chemical formula H2O. Many studies and research have been conducted to understand the exact value that water brings to our body, let’s see some of them together.

During an average life of 80 years, a person drinks approximately 25 to 30 thousand liters of water Water is not only important for our body: but also, serves to feed the whole agriculture and agriculture industry. But do we really know how much water we consume to produce some of the foods we normally eat every day?

Here are some numbers:

– To produce a single cup of coffee, approximately 150/200 liters of water are used. These are in fact used to allow the plant to grow and to be “treated” to obtain the final product.

– To produce one kilo of beef, about 15000 liters of water are needed.

– About 30 liters of water are used to make a green tea bag.

– For a pint of beer: 150 liters of water.

– For a kilo of rice: 2500 liters of water.

It has fundamental importance in all chemical reactions that take place within our body. Among other things: it allows the diffusion of oxygen of carbon dioxide; it is important in the uniform distribution of heat and in its elimination through evaporation.It allows the movement of vital substances through the body; serves as a protective pad for the brain and spinal cord. Our body cannot bear, without serious disturbances, water losses greater than 10%. Forcing yourself to drink plenty of water regularly every day is certainly useful for athletes, those with kidney stones and older people. The water must therefore be taken every day.On average, however, two liters of liquids per day are recommended, in the form of various drinks,In addition to liquids such as milk, tea, coffee and fruit juices, water is also contained.

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