Why water is so important for our life And Health

We will see the function of water and Why water is so important for our life And Health. Water is the second essential element for life after the air we breathe.

Why is water so important for our survival?

We can live without water for a few days. So why is water too often neglected? If you buy any nutrition book or talk about the most diverse diets to keep fit, a few lines are spent to describe the vital role that this element has for our health.

Only the oxygen we breathe is more important than water in the life of any body. Man can live more than a month without proteins, carbohydrates and fats but only five days without an adequate supply of water in mild climatic conditions. A newborn’s body is made up of 77% water . The turgidity that characterizes childhood is due to the abundant water content. The percentage is considerably reduced as we age to reach 50% in the old age phase. In fact, a valid method to establish the biological age of an individual is the evaluation of body hydration. The dehydration of the tissues and the evident wrinkling of the skin is characteristic of old age.

Water functions

  • Only the presence of water can guarantee a correct vital functionality.
  • Metabolism , waste removal and temperature regulation itself are functions that can only be performed in the presence of water.
  • Water regulates pressure .
  • All chemical reactions take place in its presence : it is essential to dissolve and transport nutrients such as oxygen and mineral saltsthrough lymph, blood and other body fluids. In fact it is the water present in our circulatory system that transports the nutrients to the cells . Subsequently, the metabolism waste is always transported by water to be subsequently eliminated.
  • The elimination of toxic substances from the body through the excretory organs is among the most important of the functions performed by water for our well-being.

The importance of a correct quality and quantity of water appears evident to all.

Physiological cycle of water and water balance.

Every day we physiologically lose a part of this water thus going towards a water imbalance. This loss corresponds to our daily water requirement. The water requirement depends on the body weight, the physical activity that takes place and the climatic conditions in which we live. For a person with a normal lifestyle who does not do excessive physical activity, the requirement can simply be calculated by multiplying his body weight by 0.03. So a person of 100 pounds will have to introduce at least 3 l of water a day . It is of fundamental importance to know that the lost water must be introduced with the same speed with which it is lost: what matters is therefore to drink little but often!

Dehydration and symptoms

If this need of our body is not respected we risk a defined dehydration process that can even lead to death. However, it is indisputable that in an organism that is not properly hydrated, the chemical processes slow down and even stop.

How to recognize the symptoms of dehydration?

A simple way is to observe the color of our urine , if they are dark yellow and in smaller quantities, it means that we have to drink more!It is good to remember that the symptoms of dehydration can occur even more subtly. Even a simple headache that is more or less strong and has a marked persistence can be caused by poor hydration. The brain itself is composed of 85% water.There is only one method to solve the problem: drink water! Only water ! All other drinks do not have the properties of water and in many cases can even worsen your health.

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