Why Is The 3R80 Knee Preferred By Users Of Leg Prostheses?

he Ottobock brand 3R80 prosthetic knee is very famous and longed for by transfemoral amputees who wear leg prostheses, since many advantages are obtained in the gait phase and it is very easy to adapt to it, no matter how old you are. you have, it can be occupied by anyone from a young person, such as a teenager, to an older person with a calm lifestyle.


The 3R80 prosthetic knee offers excellent levels of safety, since it has a manual lock, that is, if you are just starting to use this type of knee, you can have full confidence that you can stand to rest and you will not always fall. and when you put the manual lock. 

If you are a person with a highly demanding lifestyle, the 3R80 prosthetic knee is also ideal for you, since it is considered a high-end in its segment and therefore one of the advantages obtained is walking at different speeds, it is In other words, it is possible to go down stairs alternating the steps, in addition to the fact that going down slopes is effective.


The 3R80 prosthetic knee has a rotary hydraulic system that controls both phases of stance, and rocking, in the same way that the 3R80 knee is indicated for patients with a level of transfemoral amputation hip disarticulation knee disarticulation , and   weight-bearing hemipelvectomy . maximum of 150 kg.

In the world of prosthetic devices, not all are waterproof, however, the 3R80 has the advantage of being able to be submerged in water up to a depth of 3 meters and you don’t have to worry about wet environments because thanks to the already mentioned manual lock you will have the security of walking with greater confidence, but be careful, it is not recommended that the 3R80 be used in salt water, it is only designed to be submerged in fresh water.

As already mentioned, the 3R80 is a high-end prosthetic knee , however it is worth mentioning that the prosthetic knee is one of the most complex systems within the elements that make up a leg prosthesis , since we must take into account that it must provide a secure support when standing, facilitate controlled movement when walking and allow unlimited mobility when sitting, bending and kneeling, that is why the 3R80 meets all these requirements for a prosthetic knee, however, there are other types of knees that are also very good, such as the Total Knee 1900 knee ,Total Knee 2100 knee Mauch Knee knee that are from the Ossur brand, however people prefer the 3R80 knee for its lightness, design and durability, since this knee has a considerable price for being a high-end segment considered in a mobility level of k3 – k4, that is why it is worth investing in it since with it it is very similar to walking physiologically.

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