Leg Pain In Children – When To Worry?

Leg pain in children is very common and is often caused by development and growth; this usually disappears in adolescence. The pain is more frequent in the legs, since it is the part of the body that is constantly changing, compared to the rest of the muscles. Despite the fact that these pains are frequent, it is not common for it to hurt all the time, since the pains arise during the mornings and at night, therefore, it is not present every day, the pain comes and goes.

Although it is normal, development and growth pains should not be confused, since some pathologies appear during childhood, and it is at this moment that they should be identified, since, if they are not corrected at this stage of life, later a correction can be more complicated.

So when is it necessary to worry about leg pain in children ?

Children are constantly active due to the high energy they have, however overuse resulting from activities such as jumping, running and climbing becomes hard on a child’s musculoskeletal system and after injury some may develop. pathology or also, this can occur congenitally, that is, the disorder can develop during birth.

To know when it is necessary to worry about pain in children’s legs, it is important to identify:

  • If the pain is very persistent.
  • If this type of pain does not allow your child to carry out his activities of daily living.
  • If the discomfort that you identify is indicated in the joints.
  • If the symptoms you present are: swelling, redness, lameness, tenderness, skin rash.

It is at this time that you should see a specialist. At the Footlab Mediprax Puebla foot evaluation clinic we have innovative technology to carry out the baropodometric study , which measures the concentration of weight in each area of ​​the sole of the foot , taking into account values ​​of normality and distribution, which allow diagnosing pathologies, both in children and adults.

The term baropodometry is derived from the Greek: BAROS = WEIGHT, PODOS = FOOT and METRON = MEASUREMENT , together they are interpreted as the “measurement of foot pressures ”

The parameters obtained from this test will make it possible to evaluate with maximum precision the general behavior of the tonic postural system of the person being evaluated, that is, it is a very complete test that evaluates each phase of the gait, and allows us to identify not only problems in the feet if not, in the body postures of the musculoskeletal system.

In the event that a specialist has diagnosed that the foot pains are due to the development of the infant, and there is no anomaly, then the recommendation is to massage the legs and feet at night, because during this time is when the Pain persists longer because of tiredness from doing activities during the day


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